Is Floor Coating Better Than Tiles?

Are you thinking about remodeling your garage? The best option to get started is by considering changing your floors. Floors are a primary factor and are the first things you noticed when entering a place or room. Most garages have concrete flooring that sometimes might not provide the aesthetic you may want them to. Still, […]

Is Epoxy Coating The Best There Is?

Epoxy floor coating has been a demanding service and amongst the most popular floorings for commercial and business owners. When someone talks about epoxy coating, they refer to it as a compound of epoxy resin and a polyamine hardener. When you mix both of them, they create a resistant finish that is later applied to […]

Polishing Concrete Floors or Coating Them? What’s Best?

In the last years, many people have adopted the idea of polishing and coating concrete floors. Both options are excellent if you want clean, shiny, smooth, and, most importantly, durable floors. Having polished or coated concrete floors used to be more popular for commercial areas, but nowadays, it’s being used more frequently for residential spaces. […]