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Yes, we primarily finish garages, but there is so much more. Our floors are perfect for so many residential and commercial applications. They add durability, traction, chemical and spill protection, heat and cold resistance, and much more.



Because it’s a process, not a paint. We will just assume you don’t own a diamond polishing machine that costs $20,000, right? So you won’t prepare your surface, or make sure it’s not too hot, cold, or humid? That’s a big deal. There’s actual science behind doing this perfectly. That’s why we won’t sell you our products.

This is a five step process, where we blend prepare the floor, apply a polyurea base, add full broadcast chips, and then seal the top layer. 

We make sure your concrete is level, all the cracks and chips are filled, and the surface is prepared with our polyaspartic compound ready to adhere.

We offer a lifetime warranty + 15 year transferable warranty, which is transferable to the next owner of your home or business. So even if you move, your garage or concrete floor won’t. (Well, we hope you don’t move your floors with you.)

Most residential customers take less than one day, but some larger surfaces take longer. Here’s a good rule. If we install it on Monday, you can park you car on Wednesday.

Our floors stop corrosion from salt, sand, rust, oil, and most other harsh chemicals that are present in homes and businesses. Basically, if you have something on your floor that is capable of burning a hole through your Titan coating, you have a lot bigger problems than just your garage floor.

Durable & appealing Garage Flooring & Concrete Coatings

Our garage flooring and concrete coating systems are much more durable than other coatings; it doesn’t chip, crack, or peel, or have a long cure time. You can literally walk on your floors in 6 hours and park a car or put back furnishings in 24 hours.

We provide a wide range of garage flooring finishes, including full broadcast selections that can make surfaces look like natural stones, and over 150 colors to choose from. With Titan’s flooring solutions, you can increase the aesthetic of any concrete or garage floor and surface.

A Titan Garage & Concrete Floor For Any Home or Business

Our garage floors and concrete coatings are ideal for so many residential and commercial applications. They add durability, traction, chemical and spill protection, heat and cold resistance, and much more. Some of the most common uses are:

Experience the beauty, safety, and durability of Titan Garaging Flooring in Nashville, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Tampa, and Orlando Like our hundreds of verified public Google reviews, we are sure you’ll be delighted with the results.

Garage Flooring Nashville, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Tampa & Orlando.

Titan Garage Flooring provides the latest solutions in garage flooring technology in the Nashville, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Tampa, and Orlando areas. Whether you want an indoor space or a UV-resistant outside are re-floored with a customizable texture, Titan Garage Flooring has an array of garage flooring solutions available that are suitable for residents, businesses, and any type of vehicle.

At Titan Garage Flooring, we guarantee that your garage floor will be dried and ready for you to walk and park on in less than 24 hours. Titan garage floors are non-toxic since they don’t use epoxy and are installed with care to ensure that your floors are pristine, whether you’re installing in a residential or corporate garage space.

We service all kinds of installations, from school playgrounds and food processing plants to retail office spaces and correctional facilities, and offer a variety of flooring solutions with customizable features and affordable payment plans.

First, Titan Garage Flooring makes sure your garage is level and fills in all the cracks and imperfections in the floor with a machine called a diamond grinder, which is essentially a huge sander. This creates the appropriate profile for Titan Garage Flooring to apply its signature coating process (more on that in a bit).

The Titan Garage Flooring flooring process is ideal for restaurants as well. If you own a church, retail depot, office, or manufacturing firm in the Nashville, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Tampa, and Orlando areas, Titan Garage Flooring garage flooring offers alternative flooring solutions. You can call to get a quote today at an affordable price and get started on ordering the floor that perfectly suits your needs.

Their floors not only come with numerous customization options in texture and color but are also resistant to corrosion from rust, sand, and harsh chemicals that can make their way into your industrial or garage space. At Titan Garage Flooring, floors are meant to last for a lifetime.

Installation in a normal residential garage takes less than one day and comes with a lifetime warranty + a 15-year transferrable warranty. The next business or homeowner after you will still have access to this warranty as well, making a Titan Garage Flooring solution not only an investment in your home and business but an investment in the future residents and owners of Nashville, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Tampa, and Orlando as well.



As a regional garage flooring and concrete coating contractor serving Nashville, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Tampa, and Orlando, we work hard to make your dream floors a reality.

We offer same-day installation with floors you can walk on within 6 hours and park on within 24 hours! Our garage flooring solutions outlast your standard garage floor epoxy, and we back that up with our industry-leading lifetime + 15-year transferable warranty.