garage floor coating finishes

Floor coatings should improve your garage’s strength and durability for a long time. When done by professionals and with the proper method and technology, it should last for a lifetime. But not all companies offer a floor coating technology that makes the difference like ours.

At Titan Garage Flooring Solutions, we provide a unique, innovative solution for garage flooring. Our polyurea technology has been a game-changer for the floor coating industry. If you’re looking for floor covering stores in Woodbury, reach out to us to learn more about our unique service.


A More Efficient Process

A DIY floor coating project takes time and a lot of dedication. If the process is not done right, the results can be tragic since there’s a science and meticulous process behind garage flooring. Our process includes five steps to ensure superior quality to your floor coating.

  1. We blend the floor
  2. We prepare the floor
  3. We apply a polyurea base
  4. We add full broadcast chips
  5. We finally proceed to seal the top layer

Before we start any coating process, we also make sure:

Titan Garage’s Benefits

Our flooring can stop corrosion from multiple chemicals like salt, sand, rust, and oil. Commonly, your floor suffers exposure to all of these natural elements and chemicals, so you should find adequate protection for your garage flooring.

It takes us less than a day to complete your floor coating, considering your garage surface’s size. We use a two-day rule; if we install your floor coating on Monday, you can park your car on Wednesday. Most garage flooring companies in Woodbury take three to five days to finish their process. Therefore, if you wish to hire a proactive floor coating service, Titan flooring is your best option.

Get a High-Quality Finish

If you’re looking for floor covering stores in Woodbury, you can stop looking now. At Titan Garage Flooring Solutions, we have the ideal service for you. We offer lifetime results and efficient processes that’ll change the way you look at your floors. So go ahead and contact us now to start your flooring experience.


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