Garage floor coatings have been evolving and adapting to new needs as new materials and techniques come into existence. Many garage floor protection companies are looking for ways to improve upon epoxy and make it even more durable than before. We will look at what epoxy is, why it is so effective, and how some companies are pushing the envelope to make it even better. 

What is epoxy?

For many years, industrial, commercial, and residential spaces have all been relying for epoxy coating to protect concrete surfaces from the wear and tear of everyday life. Epoxy is a type of polymer coating that has found use in many applications for its excellent protective properties and abilities to resist damage. Epoxy serves as a shield for your base concrete surface that covers the upper layer of concrete for a smooth and seamless coating that protects the concrete underneath from the wear it would face from being exposed to the elements. Epoxy can be mixed in different formulations for different spaces and has been used in garages everywhere to protect the cars and flooring so homeowners can rest easy knowing their car and floor is protected. 

Why Epoxy is so effective 

Epoxy was invented in the 1930s, so the fact that we still use it today shows how effective it has been for all these years. Epoxy has proven its effectiveness compared to wood or other materials because on a molecular level it is much more stable. The chemical bonds that bind epoxy molecules are a very strong polymer that has much better binding and protective qualities than wood and exposed concrete. Epoxy, if applied correctly will ensure the protection and value retention of your garage and home with its long-term benefits. If you are looking for garage floor epoxy in Nashville, Titan Garage Flooring Solutions has your back and can be reached at (615) 649 7900 for more information regarding getting your garage protected as soon as possible. 

The Future

Epoxy certainly has proven itself as an excellent garage protectant, but many companies are pushing the compound to become something even better. By adding additional steps and compounds to the binding and treating process of the epoxy application, companies like Titan Garage flooring Solutions have come up with a new method of garage floor protection. Titan has crafted their own unique compound that evolves the epoxy durability and finish to be even better with a hybrid polyurea blend of sealant. The blend of innovative protective products means that the Titan blend will last longer and cure faster than traditional epoxy blends. The older epoxy compounds have also been shown to have some harmful effects on the environment and are somewhat temperamental in their application. Looking to a modern version of epoxy like tian will ensure that your floors are protected for longer and with more durability for walking on and storing vehicles. Reach out to Titan Garage Flooring Solutions today to ensure that you are protecting your garage from the Nashville weather and elements in the long run.

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