Floor coatings are a type of coating that you can apply to the ground. Typically, constructors apply floor coatings in buildings and other structures for protection against stains. There are many different types available on the market today, including epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic sealers, linoleum tiles, vinyl sheeting, and terrazzo floors.

The average life expectancy of a floor coating varies depending on the type; however, the type of installation, traffic, and other factors can impact this significantly.

Epoxy flooring and polyurea flooring are generally easy to maintain. You can choose them for multi-story buildings, areas that get heavy traffic (such as hallways), retail settings, offices, schools, and other commercial properties where you can expect wear or corrosion. Besides, their durability is exceptional.

Typical Areas of Application

Warehouses: They are a common place for coatings as the floors here usually get a lot of traffic, and warehousing involves items being moved from one place to another on a daily basis. Also, warehousing facilities are usually large, and the floors need to look good. There are many applications for floor coatings in warehouses, including loading areas, parking lots, maintenance rooms, and storage.

Factories: It’s a good idea to coat factory floors because they tend to get quite dirty and you can’t always rely on good weather. Water splashes, construction work, and other factors often make the floors dirty. In addition, any spills that occur will be easily containable if the floor has a cover or coating.

Chemical plants:  Areas producing or handling chemicals need coating because spills will occur. Spills can lead to accidents if you don’t contain them, which is why chemical plants should always have slip-resistant floor coatings applied, and they should be of the highest quality possible.

Factories that produce food: As you may expect, factory floors that make products like bread and peanut butter need floor coatings because of the food’s nature. The coating will provide extra protection against things like flour and other dust particles that could contaminate the stock.

Benefits of Floor Coatings

Chemical resistance: Coating floors with epoxy, acrylic, and other materials provide protection against chemicals such as acid. These coatings also provide protection from solvents that can damage the floor if not handled correctly and protect against gasoline, kerosene, and other petroleum-based products.

Hard-wearing: Floor coatings are durable and can withstand damage like scratching, scuffing, skidding, and other abrasions. The fact that they can resist scratching means you don’t have to worry about people wearing away at them with their shoes or furniture; not to mention, they are resistant to corrosive damage if you choose the right type of material.

Solvent-free: Many floor coatings are solvent-free, so they do not give off toxic fumes or release hazardous by-products. Besides, many of these coatings are water-based and non-conductive, which means they’re a lot safer to use on factory floors and other areas where they come into contact with electrical items.

Appearance: Depending on the coating you choose, flooring can exhibit a polished look or be matte in appearance. In addition, they add color to spaces and provide a protective surface for the underlying one. In many cases, they make floor coatings to blend in with the overall look of the space.

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