Are you considering covering your concrete floor with a unique covering material? Taking such an important decision requires doing previous research on what your best flooring options are. 

Nowadays, disinfecting all areas of your home or business is a must-do practice, and floors are no exception. Among your requirements for your new flooring, you must choose one that can be easily sanitized. There are porous, cracked, and other types of floors that won’t allow you to make a thorough and germ-free cleanup chore. 

Let’s go through some options that can turn out to be a great flooring choice for you. Consequently, we’ll go over their characteristics and benefits. Last but not least, we’ll mention who’s the best flooring provider you can trust. 

Polyurea Hybrid And Epoxy. What Are They?

Both polyurea hybrid and epoxy are floor coatings applied over concrete surfaces, to ensure your floor’s protection, durability, resistance, and other qualities. They’re a two-component product, that when mixed, they quickly catalyze and produce a hard mixture. Consequently, the compound is poured onto the concrete floor surface. 

They’re a good option for both residential and commercial entities. They’re ideal (and more commonly used) in hospitals, schools, malls, and industrial environments. In residences, they’re usually applied over living rooms, kitchens, or other home areas. 

Their Benefits And Which Could Be Your Best Option

These types of flooring systems both have their advantages, but still differ from one another. Let’s dive in.

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy is a mixture between a resin and a hardening chemical. Some of its characteristics are:

Polyurea Polyaspartic Hybrid

It’s composed by a mixture that becomes very hard, very quickly, with no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). 

Titan Garage Flooring Systems 

A polyurea hybrid flooring system is, by far, your best option. At Titan Garage Flooring System, we have the highest quality in this type of flooring. We offer our services in Nashville, TN, and all surrounding areas. Have peace of mind cleaning your polyurea polyaspartic hybrid, no more stains, cracks, or peeling. 


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