Flooring can make your house look instantly larger or smaller, cooler or warmer, cozier or more luxurious. And, when someone walks into a room, the floor subconsciously affects their impression of the property. However, many homeowners haven’t yet realized the importance of having quality flooring in their home spaces.

Floors are a key investment since they’re a permanent element of your home and the most used surface of any building. Top-quality flooring materials means you have a reliable and profitable asset that increases your property’s value and selling price. Keep in mind that your carport, basement, and garage floors are no exception to the rule and it’s important to choose wisely. 

Residential Floors And Why They Have to Look Good 

Residential floors are essential in interior design and improving the aesthetic appeal of your property. This includes garage flooring and any space that directly impacts the way you experience your home.

Protect Your Loved Ones 

If you or a family member suffers from allergies or a condition that makes them aware of indoor air quality, choosing your residential floors right is a responsibility. Some floors are more resistant than others to matter, dust and dander.

Boost Your Property Value

As mentioned above, good-looking flooring will enhance and increase your property’s value and selling price. If you choose high-quality materials, they’ll make your house more attractive to buyers. So, pick the flooring that’s designed to last for a long time. 

The Most Effective Way To Enhance Your Residential Flooring

When thinking about residential flooring, we automatically visualize our living room or bedrooms. But, in this case, we will focus on garage floors which are also key to prevent illnesses and boost your property value. 

There are many different types of floors and knowing how to choose the right one is key to enhance your house. Titan floors bring your basement, garages, and carports back to life and they’re the most effective, durable, and of the highest quality. 

Let’s explore three reasons why you should use this outstanding garage floor coating:

Endless Color Options 

Concrete floor coatings offer three main options: Stone, solid, and natural. Each of them has a wide range of colors to choose from, so you will likely find something that suits your taste. 

High-Quality Finishes

Floor coatings are made of hybrid polyurea that extends the life of any garage flooring. Typically, this material is used on pipes, railcars, and water tanks, meaning they’re long-lasting enough for your garage. 

Lifetime Warranty

Titan garage floors ensure lifetime protection against spills, chips, cracks, and anything someone can throw. Plus, the FDA approved it for food preparation and is safe for kids and families. 

Three Ideas To Transform Your Garage 

Once your garage or basement’s floors are looking perfect again, you’ll have endless opportunities to transform it. Here’s a list of the most innovative and creative ideas:

Family Play Space 

Kids are always full of energy and this will be a perfect space to spend time with them, and enjoy their company. It’s a great idea to stimulate their imagination and help them improve their physical skills. Remember to choose a garage floor coating that’s resistant enough to their different activities and games. 

Cozy Guest House

Turn your garage into a small guest house and always be ready for your family and friends’ visits. This is a good idea especially if you don’t have enough space in your house, and to provide privacy to your guests. You could even include a small kitchen and dining area, and renovate the garage floor to create a beautiful room.

Home Office Space

Nowadays, almost everyone is working from home and probably, companies will change their on-site working model. Also, if you’re a freelancer you need a proper space to do your job in peace. 

You should think about what you need and make a list: do you need a desk, a comfortable chair, or a whiteboard? Then, visualize the interior design and determine the wall colors, the garage flooring, decoration, etc.

Nashville’s Favorite Flooring Contractor: Titan Garage Flooring Solutions

Titan Garage Flooring Solutions is the company to work with for your garage flooring projects in  Nashville, TN. With us, you will exceed everyone’s expectations including your own. We provide financing options and a fast cure time that allows you to walk on your floors within 6 hours. 


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