Commercial and residential properties have an important role. Whether it is your home or your business, both properties need the proper elements and conditions to run smoothly. A roofing system can be one of the main elements of your business or house, so it is your flooring system in which you walk every day. Having a durable, resistant, and appealing floor is priceless.

Titan Garage Flooring Solutions offers a top-quality and new high-tech flooring solution in Tampa, FL, for both commercial and residential properties with many different applications. This top-quality service will ensure your floors look good and provide endless durability and protection.


Titan’s Flooring Commercial Applications

No matter the scope of your commercial business project or running business, a top-quality, durable and functional commercial flooring system is important to consider. Our floors are the perfect choice for many commercial properties because they add durability, traction, and many more benefits. 

Our commercial flooring system services cover:

  • Airports
  • Venues 
  • Food Service businesses 
  • Garages 
  • Industrial Warehouses
  • Museums 
  • Retail Spaces
  • Schools
  • Storage facilities

Besides our floor coating services, we also offer repair and maintenance services for our top-quality flooring solutions in Tampa, FL.

Residential Flooring Applications 

Residential properties are also on the spot for many different applications of our flooring installation in Tampa, FL. Protecting your home with a durable, non-toxic, and resistant flooring system is important. Our flooring system services can be done almost in every area of your residential property. 

Our residential flooring system services cover:

Here at Titan Garage Flooring Solutions, we offer repair and maintenance services in Tampa to ensure they last a lifetime.

Top Quality Flooring Solutions in Tampa, FL

Titan Garage Flooring Solutions is the right choice for your next flooring needs or project. We offer commercial and residential properties with the best and durable concrete floor coatings in Tampa, FL, and all the greater Tampa. We will provide you with a top-quality flooring solution, lifetime warranty, durable, resistant, and non-toxic flooring solution. Our 24-hour ready flooring system is waiting for your next floor investment.