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Your garage is an important part of your home and keeping it looking at its best is beneficial for your property value. For this reason, maintaining and updating your garage floor is a homeowner’s responsibility. 

If you’re looking for garage floor services, Titan Garage Flooring Solutions is a flooring company that works with the best professionals in the area. We provide everlasting results at affordable prices. 


Titan Garage Flooring Solutions: Who Are We?

Titan Garage Flooring Solutions offers concrete floor coatings in Nashville, TN. We’re a leading company of innovative flooring products that focus on performance, aesthetic designs, and durability for both home and commercial applications.

We’re committed to enhancing every garage flooring of Nashville residents. Our team is dedicated to achieving this mission by providing the highest level of innovation, quality, and service. We know how important it’s to create a beautiful interior design within your house. So, we work together to find new ways to build an innovative solution, according to your needs and preferences.

Concrete Floor Coatings vs. Epoxy Garage Floors

At Titan Garage Flooring, we offer concrete floor coatings made of hybrid polyurea. This is a high-quality material designed to last a lifetime and it’s even approved by the FDA for kitchen spaces. Commonly, garage flooring companies use a material called epoxy because it’s cheaper. However, the difference between both options is huge. 

Curing Time 

Titan floors are ready in just one day and you’ll be able to walk on them in just six hours. On the other hand, epoxy floors can take up to four or five days before they’re ready for vehicle traffic.

Environmentally Friendly

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can be found on epoxy floors and they’re dangerous for the environment and yourself. Titan floors are zero-VOC and are perfect for confined spaces, like basements and garages. 

Surface Profiles 

A hybrid polyurea surface allows Titan floors to be applied over a variety of concrete profiles. Epoxy floors can only be applied to a CSP1 or CSP2 concrete type. 

Work With the Best Garage Flooring Company in the Area 

A garage floor replacement may be needed simply due to its age since garage floor surfaces provide approximately 20-25 years of use. Also, cracks in your garage floor coating are a warning sign that a replacement or repair will eventually be needed.

Whether you want to renovate or repair your garage floors, working with Titan Garage Flooring Solutions in Nashville, TN, is the right move. Get in touch with us today and learn more about our outstanding services at affordable prices.


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