Titan Garage Flooring Solutions offers the best concrete patio in Tampa, FL! Our Polyurea coating provides superior protection for your flooring. If you are looking for a patio installation in Tampa, check out our coated floors! We’ll give luster to your patio’s concrete floors—Titan Garage Flooring Solutions is your ideal flooring provider.



Polish Your Concrete Patios

Are you tired of looking at crumbling concrete? Want to make your patio look better than it already is? Using polyurea coatings to resurface the surface of your concrete may be the ideal solution for you! Titan Garage Flooring Solutions offers just that service to homeowners in Tampa, FL, and surrounding areas.


Not only do we resurface the existing floor with high-quality materials, but we also provide outstanding customer service along with industry-leading warranties. This assures customers that we will take care of their property throughout the years. For property owners interested in this process

Give Warmth To Your Backyard

Homeowners always want to have their homes exude warmth and personality. A concrete patio in Tampa, FL, can be a great addition if you are looking for an outdoor space that will stand the test of time. Concrete is not only functional, but it adds value to your home. Concrete looks good all-year-round unlike other types of flooring that deteriorate quickly during cold seasons.


Protecting your concrete patio with a polyurea coating will raise your home value and increase the value of your home. Polyurea is highly durable and strongly resistant to all elements, including water and mold. Polyurea coatings are thicker than other types of material. This means that it is more resistant to damage, especially if you have children.

Your Tampa Flooring Provider

At Titan Garage Flooring Solutions, we provide quality concrete patios protected with our polyurea coating flooring installation for Tampa homeowners. This makes them stronger, durable, and resistant to changeable weather conditions. This type of concrete flooring is also low-maintenance, which translates to savings over time versus traditional patio flooring. 


It only takes minutes to apply the coating, so homeowners do not have to worry about spending hours of labor. Additionally, our products are easy to apply and very safe. Protect your patio with an easy and high-quality polyurea flooring installation.