One of the most common flooring solutions around the country is epoxy flooring, but is it worthy? Believe it or not, it has many disadvantages, are you aware of them? In this piece, we’ll go through the cons of installing epoxy flooring, but we’ll also guide you to a better solution.

Keep reading, make an informed decision when the time of replacing or hiring floor installation services in your place arrives. You’d want to know the downsides of the trendiest material; not everything is as good as the publicity makes it look like.

What Is Epoxy Flooring?

Let’s start recalling the basics, so you’re fully aware of what we’re talking about. 

Epoxy flooring is a resin and hardener mixture that, when applied to a surface and cured, forms a tough, durable film. It’s usually used in industrial or commercial settings because of its toughness and resistance to wear and tear.

When you think about it, those characteristics could be seen as advantages for some applications; however, epoxy also has some disadvantages worth mentioning.

Cons Of Epoxy Flooring

Let’s go through the list of cons that this type of flooring carries with it:

Slippery When Wet

Do you have pets or children around your home constantly? They’re going to love playing on your epoxy-coated floors when wet! This is a huge disadvantage because of the obvious safety hazard it can cause.

Strong Application Fumes

Another big disadvantage is that those fumes are not good for your health, and they’re a huge inconvenience to have around. Even if you install airflow systems correctly to evacuate them from your home or business, it’s bad.

Long Curing Time

Epoxy takes a long time to cure. If you’re used to installing flooring in a single day, this will be an inconvenience for sure.

Weather Withstanding

Epoxy does not withstand weather well. This means that if your business or home gets exposed frequently to the sun and heat, epoxy will degrade faster than other types of materials.

Other Disadvantages To Know About

There are other disadvantages worth mentioning, such as the cost of installation. Epoxy has to be installed by professionals because it requires special tools and skills to not mess up your flooring job entirely.

Another disadvantage is that epoxy stains easily; if you use it on your garage floors or you’re planning on using a different color other than the standard black or white, it’s something you need to consider.

Overall, epoxy flooring is not as great as it seems to be. There are many cons to this type of flooring, and if you’re unaware of them, you might end up regretting your decision down the road.

The Smartest Option

We have a great recommendation for you that’s completely better than epoxy flooring: Titan flooring solutions. Titan is a floor coating that uses a hybrid polyurea surface. Titan flooring may be applied to a range of concrete profiles, so your floors will keep their “feel” even if they aren’t constantly glass-smooth.

You will be able to walk on your floors within six hours of the specialists leaving. You can park your automobile within 24 hours. Because of the quick cure time, it’s easier to arrange and takes up less of your time.

Titan employs a unique polyaspartic ester that increases the product’s life, particularly on concrete. Pipes, railcars, water tanks, and various other items are coated with polyurea. Still, this blend is designed exclusively for concrete surfaces with foot or vehicle traffic.

Titan flooring is also ZERO-VOC, allowing them to be used in restricted locations such as basements, garages, and warehouses. We’re the best environmentally friendly approach to finish concrete because there are no volatile organic chemicals.

Your Trusted Titan Manufacturer

Titan Garage Flooring Solutions provides flooring installation services in Nashville. Forget about your garage floor epoxy coating; now, you have a greater solution at the palm of your hand. Our Titan coating will make your floors a stronger force to support any kind of weight and environment.

Our team is willing to assist you in any way possible, don’t hesitate to reach out to us; we’ll clear all your doubts in one talk. We have the best concrete coating in the market, don’t let this opportunity slip away into a moment in time.

Titan Garage Flooring Solutions Nashville is available for you; reach out to us!


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