A hospital is a place of urgency and one that sees heavy foot and motor traffic daily. Not only do people walk, but they also run and slide on beds, making it very important to have a durable and high-quality flooring system installed. 

At Titan Garage Flooring Solutions, we are proud to offer critical places like hospitals the flooring they need to ensure patrons, patients, and staff are safe. Our high-tech system is like no other and is sure to last you a lifetime. 


Importance of Durable Floors In Hospitals 

The choice of flooring in a hospital can play a vital role in their overall ability to provide patient care. Given hospitals are used to heavy traffic, it’s essential the selected flooring is durable and offers excellent flexibility. 

Hospitals have unique needs and heavy demands; you can’t simply use any flooring. Not to mention, the floor should be able to do it all – from having heavy equipment rolled over the seams to look aesthetically pleasing, resistant to potential damage, easy to maintain, and easy to sterilize. 

Why Choose a Titan Floor? 

As flooring contractors in Atlanta, GA, we understand the need for high-quality hospital flooring. A Titan floor is revolutionary and is made up of a hybrid of polyurea and polyaspartic. Compared to traditional epoxy coatings, Titan floors offer a variety of benefits such as:

  • Versatility: Thanks to their hybrid solution, Titan floors can easily be applied to various concrete floor profiles, allowing floors to look brand new. 
  • Fast Cure Time: A hospital cannot afford to be out-of-operation for days at a time, which is why Titan floors can be walked on a mere six hours after the crew leaves for optimal convenience. 
  • Safest Option: Health and safety are critical, especially in a hospital with vulnerable patients. When epoxy coatings are applied, they pose a risk as they release volatile organic compounds, which are terrible for the environment and dangerous if inhaled. Titan floors contain no VOCs, making them safe for use in confined spaces. 

Invest In The Best – Get Titan Floors Today 

The demands placed on a hospital make it even more critical to choose the right flooring. Durability is not an option, and you can rest assured that Titan floors are the way to go. If you need hospital flooring installation in Atlanta, look no further than Titan Garage Flooring Solutions.