Construction worker in a family home living room that grind the concrete surface before applying epoxy flooring.Polyurethane and epoxy flooring.Concrete grinding.[/caption]

Floor coating systems have become very popular in a lot of industries. Wanting to protect and extend the lifetime of concrete floors is a no-brainer for homeowners and business owners alike. Thankfully, solutions such as epoxy and the newly popular and revolutionary polyurea have surged as great options. 

But what is best for you? Well, it depends on your needs and wants. Suppose you prioritize a quick installation process, durability and you don’t want to deal with maintenance at all. In that case, we might have something up our sleeve that might catch your eye. Up next, learn all about it!

A Unique Modern Solution

Recently, the floor coating industry has seen lots of advancements. One of the most interesting ones is polyurea solutions, a very popular alternative due to their resistance to heat and chemicals and their short installation time. 

At Titan Garage Flooring Solutions, we prioritize your satisfaction. That’s why we’ve carefully developed a proprietary blend of polyurea products that are made to work specifically in concrete surfaces that deal with lots of feet and vehicle traffic. 

Not only is our blend a one-of-a-kind product, but it also comes with all the great benefits of using polyurea:

  • It’s incredibly resistant.
  • There’s virtually no maintenance needed.
  • It’s safe for your business and your family.
  • It boasts an impressive 24 hour cure time.

Why Choose Titan?

There are a lot of options when it comes to flooring solutions. That’s why knowledge really is power in this case. Understanding why our Titan blend is superior to other options such as epoxy floor is crucial to make an informed decision. That’s why, up next, we break it down for you!

The Titan Flooring Difference

Epoxy floors are cheaper. We get it. But as the old saying goes: “you get what you pay for.” This applies greatly in this example since, in the long term, epoxy floors end up costing a whole lot more since they chip, crack and peel a lot easier. Our titan blend does not peel or crack and requires virtually no maintenance.

It all boils down to this: would you rather save a few extra bucks upfront but deal with the maintenance that’ll end up costing you more downtime for your business and a whole lot of money? Or invest in a better long-term solution that is proven to withstand for a lifetime?

Think Green, Breath Greener

Not only is our blend a lot more effective in regards to installation time and durability, but it’s also the greener solution. Epoxy floors release many volatile organic compounds (VOCs), one of the great pollutants of the environment.

Not only that, but the presence of VOCs in small closed environments can greatly damage your lungs

Thankfully, polyurea blends and solutions release no VOCs, making the installation process a greener and more pleasant experience for your business or your family.

Outstanding Curing Times

Finally, titan floors offer you the quickest curing time in the market. We guarantee you’ll be able to walk on your newly installed floor six hours after our crew has left. Meanwhile, epoxy floors can take up to 5 days to cure completely. 

Protect Your Floors With Us

At Titan Garage Flooring Solutions, we’re proud of our proprietary top-of-the-line floor coating blend. With record curing times, no volatile organic compounds, and an unbreakable resilience, the competition is just no match!

So, if you’re looking for garage floor epoxy in Murfreesboro, TN, you might want to think again. Our proprietary blend is a lot more durable, is maintenance-free, and needs no downtime from your side. 


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