Floor coating view with Ferrari wheel

Most homeowners do not feel the need to improve their garage because they find it tedious and unnecessary. But your garage floor needs to be ready to endure the heavy weight of your car everyday and possible hits from falling objects. Your flooring should also enhance your garage’s aesthetics, making it look stylish and appealing to the eye.

You can have a garage with all the conditions mentioned above if you hire us as your garage flooring company in Murfreesboro. At Titan Garage Flooring Solutions, we can offer you a garage that can last you a lifetime. We guarantee an innovative installation process that would make it an easygoing experience for you. Contact us now to know more about our services.


Results In Only 24 Hours

Most installation processes are stressful because the materials and methods used by other garage flooring companies in Murfreesboro are inefficient. When a process is inefficient, it becomes time-consuming and costly to homeowners in the long run. That’s why our Titan flooring solution differentiates from the rest since it dries in just 24 hours.

Our process moves away from traditional and inefficient epoxy floor coatings, and instead, we use a polyurea base. The polyurea component is extremely flexible and enables it to resist extreme temperatures without cracking or peeling. Unlike epoxy, polyurea doesn’t fade even when exposed to direct sunlight. Also, polyurea is more flexible and durable than epoxy, plus it’s also considerably more potent.

Epoxy can take three to five days to dry, depending on weather conditions like heat and humidity. Our polyurea technology can let you walk into your garage in just 6 hours. You can also start parking your cars again or placing back your furnishings in only 24 hours.

Improve Your Floor Today

If you’re looking for flooring installers in Murfreesboro, now you know who to call. Improving your garage with us today allows you to avoid more costly repairs or maintenance in the future. We can offer you the most innovative garage flooring process with the most efficient coating technology.

While other companies take longer to give you low-quality results, we take less time to provide you with the long-lasting results you deserve. So go ahead and contact us today to start improving your garage floor.


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