Are you looking for ways to bring your concrete floors back to life? Floor coatings provide the polished finish and added level of protection your concrete floors need.

When it comes to residential floor coating in Nashville, TN, Titan Garage Flooring Solutions is your local expert company. Our Titan Flooring adds durability, traction, and hot and cold resistance in any residential application.


Why Choose Titan Flooring

Titan Garage Flooring Solutions offers a revolutionary product made of polyurea and polyaspartic to get the best flooring results. Titan Flooring is engineered to last a lifetime, prevent scratches, and resist abrasion.

Most importantly, it doesn’t release volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making it ideal for indoor spaces like garages and basements, safe for kids and families, and environmentally friendly.

Versatile Floor Coating Solutions

Originally, Titan Flooring was designed for industrial use; however, it’s also great for any residential use due to its clean composition and quality. Though basements and garages are the most common areas to apply it, Titan Flooring is great for any concrete surface in your home.

Quick & Hassle-Free Installation

One of the most significant advantages of using Titan Flooring is its fast cure time compared to other floor coverings. While epoxy takes 3-5 days to cure, Titan Flooring allows you to move your car or any items back inside within 24 hours of application.

Another fantastic benefit that Titan Flooring provides is its quick and easy application process. First, our team prepares the concrete surface with a special machine. Once the surface is clean, we apply a polyurea base, followed by full broadcast chips for a polished finish. The final step is to add the final layer and seal it with a polyaspartic compound. Most residential applications are completed in under a day.

Add Value to Your Home With Titan Flooring

Invest in the highest quality residential floor coating in Nashville, TN, to add value to your home and protect your concrete floors. Titan Flooring comes with a lifetime warranty, guaranteeing total protection against spills, chips, and cracks. Call (615) 649-7900 and choose from over 150 colors and a wide selection of finishes.