Floor coatings are important for your concrete floors since they protect them from damage or accidents. They are a barrier that prevents concrete from absorbing dirt or water. Contact Titan Garage Flooring Solutions if you’re looking to get flooring in Tampa. We’re experts in providing the best flooring services for garages and different types of establishments or living spaces.


Why Are Floor Coatings Necessary?

Concrete is a porous material, and it can suffer damages if it absorbs water or different substances. It also can absorb dirt, making it difficult to clean. If the floor isn’t properly sealed, water and dirt can easily spread through your concrete. Without proper protection, this increases the risk of accidents, such as slips and falls that may cause injuries to people who enter your property.

Floor coatings are a barrier that’s applied to seal the concrete and protect it from liquid spills, stains, and dirt. This can improve its appearance and make cleaning easier. Floor coatings are also resistant to abrasion for businesses that face heavy traffic like garages or hospitals. Most contractors use epoxy-based coatings, but these aren’t approved on many installations.

Titan Garage Flooring Solutions Offers Nontoxic Floor Coatings

Epoxy floorings aren’t approved for many spaces because they are toxic, especially during its application. At Titan Garage Flooring Solutions, we offer Tampa residents a solution for this problem. Polyurea floor coating is a nontoxic, high-performance floor coating that protects your floor while having the same advanced features other coatings offer.

We take care of our customer’s floors like they’re one of our own. We use industry-approved practices to ensure quality results for your business or living space. The curing process will be done in a short time with no delays for your business. Polyurea floor coating is the best option to protect your floors while using a nontoxic material.

Titan Garage Flooring Solutions – Your Trusted Contractors

At Titan Garage Flooring Solutions, we provide flooring installation & floor coating solutions for different businesses and living spaces in Tampa. Our team of experts is knowledgeable about different materials and will make sure your floors are properly protected. If you get your flooring with us, you’ll enjoy a lifetime warranty, transferable to the next owner.

Get in touch today and start protecting your floors with Titan Garage Flooring Solutions in Tampa.