While concrete provides a long-lasting and low-maintenance surface for most buildings, they are not exempt from cracks, stains, and crumbling over time. Floor coatings can provide an additional layer of protection to your concrete and also enhance its appearance.

Titan Garage Flooring Solutions offers garage concrete flooring solutions in Nashville, TN. Our Titan flooring is a revolutionary system made to add durability, traction, and protection to your concrete surfaces.


Polyurea Floor Coating

Though newer in the market, polyurea floor coating has rapidly become a favorite in the industry. Compared to other popular floor coatings like epoxy, polyurea stands out thanks to its excellent benefits. 


One of the most significant benefits that polyurea floor coating provides is its flexible installation process. While epoxy is restricted to warm temperature installations, polyurea can be applied any time of the year, no matter the weather conditions.


Unlike epoxy, which can take 3-5 days to cure completely, our polyurea coatings allow you to walk on it within 6 hours of being applied. Best of all, you can put back your car, furniture, or any other item in just under 24 hours. 


While most floor coatings release harsh chemicals into the air, our polyurea floor coating is perfect for any confined space, like a garage, thanks to its lack of volatile organic compounds (VOCs. 


Though ideal for garages or floorings that support heavy machinery or extensive foot traffic, polyurea floor coating can be applied to several concrete profiles. It’s the perfect flooring solution for both residential and commercial properties.


Thanks to its higher tolerance to heat, scratches, stains, and chemicals, polyurea floor coatings guarantee your concrete floor’s integrity for years to come.

Protect Your Concrete Floor With Polyurea Floor Coating

With countless years of experience in the industry, Titan Garage Floor Solutions is ready to offer you garage concrete flooring solutions in Nashville, TN. Give your concrete surface the lifetime protection it deserves against cracks, chips, or spills with our high-quality polyurea floor coverings. We have a wide range of finishes and colors to choose from. Get in touch for a free quote.