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Titan Garage Flooring Solutions provides Franklin (and all of Middle TN) with the best, longest lasting concrete floor coatings. Whether you want to provide a clean, safe & durable floor in your commercial space, or you’re looking to make your neighbors jealous with a snazzy new garage floor, we’ve got you covered.

Residential Services

Make your garage, patio or pool area look brand new with our protective, safe concrete coatings.

Commercial Services

Protect your employees, workers or patrons in your commercial space. Our easy to clean, safe and durable floors are perfect for any commercial space.



Titan Garage Flooring Solutions Franklin

Homeowners and property owners are always looking for the best quality in Franklin TN, and Titan Garage Flooring Solutions is here to help you! If you’re looking for garage floor coatings that will last you a life time, you’re in the right place.

We offer residential and commercial services whenever you need it. Give us a call at (615) 649 7900 and we will give you a quote for your next project. 

See more of our work below!  

What Customers Say

  • Christopher Painter Avatar
    Christopher Painter

    Excellent and professional service. Pricing was very competitive and they were very flexible with the multiple date changes on our half. With supply chain issues causing the close on our house to constantly change, Dalton was always willing to work with us. ... read more

    Josh Ezell Avatar
    Josh Ezell

    The quality & efficiency of the work that was done along with the efforts made with scheduling is still top-notch. I am very pleased with the communication from Dalton & the individuals that were involved with the install. I will most definitely use... read more

    Stacy Holland Avatar
    Stacy Holland

    I could not be more impressed with the professional service, and attention to detail. Tyler and Andrew took great pride in their work. They answered all my questions about the process. Very happy with Titan garage flooring solution. Highly recommended company!!!!!!!

  • Lynne Ziolkowski Avatar
    Lynne Ziolkowski

    We love our new Titan garage floor! Great experience from start to finish. Dalton was great to work with and the install guys were professional and courteous. Definitely recommend!

    Robert Bailey Avatar
    Robert Bailey

    Titan Flooring did an outstanding job putting an epoxy flooring on my garage floor, front porch and steps! I cannot express how much I love the finished product! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my garage flooring that is red white and blue (Buffalo Bills fan) and my... read more

    Lauren C Avatar
    Lauren C

    Titan did a great job on initial install. We had an issue and they came to fix it as quickly as they could, and the issue wasn’t their fault. However, they were there for us when we needed them and we happily will recommended them... read more

  • Dr Mike Glasmeier Avatar
    Dr Mike Glasmeier

    Very fast response time to our request. Open communication with us through the whole process. Fair estimate, no surprises and stands behind their work. Highly recommend to others! Looks awesome!

    Eric Frame Avatar
    Eric Frame

    Great experience from start to finish! Dalton was very responsive and helpful. They resurfaced my garage floor and it looks amazing now. Very professional and fair price. I highly recommend Titan!!

    Christine Masonick Avatar
    Christine Masonick

    Amazing working with Titan. Excellent customer service. I made several changes to my order and the were responded quickly to my request. Taylor who did the install was prompt and very neat. He was vested in my being satisfied. The project turned out better then... read more

  • Kelly Ladwig Avatar
    Kelly Ladwig

    We were just finishing up our new build and knew we wanted to get our garage floors done. I’m so happy I found Dalton and Titan Garage Floors! Dalton did an amazing job telling me the difference between products and walking me through the process.... read more

    Jane MacFarlane Avatar
    Jane MacFarlane

    Beautiful patio floor. Could not be happier. Kyle is fast and efficient and cleaned up and went above and beyond. Totally satisfied. Everybody should be as happy as I am today!!

    Sonia Senisi Avatar
    Sonia Senisi

    Great customer service. Dalton returned my calls within minutes and was patient, kind and very courteous. The workers were excellent. The garage floor looks beautiful. We are the. envy of the neighborhood! Thank you Dalton and the team for a job well done.


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Titan garage flooring solutions, floor installation, floor coating solutions, garage floors, flooring contractor, flooring installation nashville
Titan garage flooring solutions, floor installation, floor coating solutions, garage floors, flooring contractor, flooring installation nashville, garage flooring
Titan garage flooring solutions, floor installation, floor coating solutions, garage floors, flooring contractor, flooring installation nashville, garage flooring
Titan garage flooring solutions, floor installation, floor coating solutions, garage floors, flooring contractor, flooring installation nashville, garage flooring
Titan garage flooring solutions, floor installation, floor coating solutions, garage floors, flooring contractor, flooring installation nashville
Titan garage flooring solutions, floor installation, floor coating solutions, garage floors, flooring contractor, flooring installation nashville, garage flooring
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Our floors are graded for food processing facilities. You could serve a meal on them.


In less than 24 hours, your floors are ready for whatever you can throw at them.


We give you a lifetime of protection against spills, chips, cracks, and anything you can throw at our floors.

Titan garage flooring solutions, floor installation, floor coating solutions, garage floors, flooring contractor, flooring installation nashville


Because it’s a process, not a paint. We will just assume you don’t own a diamond polishing machine that costs $20,000, right? So you won’t prepare your surface, or make sure it’s not too hot, cold, or humid? That’s a big deal. There’s actual science behind doing this perfectly. That’s why we won’t sell you our products.

This is a five step process, where we blend prepare the floor, apply a polyurea base, add full broadcast chips, and then seal the top layer. 

We make sure your concrete is level, all the cracks and chips are filled, and the surface is prepared with our polyaspartic compound ready to adhere.

We offer a lifetime warranty, which is transferable to the next owner of your home or business. So even if you move, your floor won’t. (Well, we hope you don’t move your floors with you.)

Most residential customers take less than one day, but some larger surfaces take longer. Here’s a good rule. If we install it on Monday, you can park you car on Wednesday.

Our floors stop corrosion from salt, sand, rust, oil, and most other harsh chemicals that are present in homes and businesses. Basically, if you have something on your floor that is capable of burning a hole through your Titan coating, you have a lot bigger problems than just your garage floor.

Durable & Appealing Concrete Floors

Our system is much more durable than other coatings; it doesn’t chip, crack, or peel and have a fast curing time. You can walk on your floors in 6 hours and park a car or put back furnishings in 24 hours.

We provide a wide range of finishes, including full broadcast selections that can make surfaces look like natural stones, and over 150 colors to choose from. With Titan’s flooring solutions, you can increase the aesthetic of any concrete floor and surface.

A Titan Floor For Any Home or Business

Our floors are ideal for so many residential and commercial applications. They add durability, traction, chemical and spill protection, heat and cold resistance, and much more. Some of the most common uses are:

  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • To Accent Rooms
  • Office
  • Garages
  • Basements
  • Carports
  • Pool Sides
  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Industrial Warehouses
  • Worship Spaces
  • And much more

Experience the beauty, safety, and durability of Titan Floors in Franklin. Like many other of our customers, we are sure you’ll be delighted with the results.

Garage Coating Franklin TN


Yes, we primarily finish garages, but there is so much more. Our floors are perfect for so many residential and commercial applications. They add durability, traction, chemical and spill protection, heat and cold resistance, and much more.

Best Garage Floor Coating Franklin TN

We just added over 150 color options to choose from. Everything from flat colors to options that will match your favorite teams.

Garage Flooring Franklin TN

Titan Garage Flooring Solutions provides the latest solutions in garage flooring technology in the Franklin area. Whether you want an indoor space or a UV-resistant outside are re-floored with a customizable texture, Titan Garage Flooring Solutions has an array of garage flooring solutions available that are suitable for residents, businesses, and any type of vehicle.

At Titan Garage Flooring Solutions, we guarantee that your garage floor will be dried and ready for you to walk and park on in less than 24 hours. Titan Garage Flooring Solutions garage floors are non-toxic since they don’t use epoxy and are installed with care to ensure that your floors are pristine, whether you’re installing in a residential or corporate garage space.

We service all kinds of installations, from school playgrounds and food processing plants to retail office spaces and correctional facilities, and offer a variety of flooring solutions with customizable features and affordable payment plans.

First, Titan Garage Flooring Solutions makes sure your garage is level and fills in all the cracks and imperfections in the floor with a machine called a diamond grinder, which is essentially a huge sander. This creates the appropriate profile for Titan Garage Flooring Solutions to apply its signature coating process (more on that in a bit).

The Titan Garage Flooring Solutions flooring process is ideal for restaurants as well. If you own a church, retail depot, office, or manufacturing firm in the Franklin area, Titan Garage Flooring Solutions garage flooring offers alternative flooring solutions. You can call to get a quote today at an affordable price and get started on ordering the floor that perfectly suits your needs.

Their floors not only come with numerous customization options in texture and color but are also resistant to corrosion from rust, sand, and harsh chemicals that can make their way into your industrial or garage space. At Titan Garage Flooring Solutions, floors are meant to last for a lifetime.

Installation in a normal residential garage takes less than one day and comes with a lifetime warranty. The next business or homeowner after you will still have access to this warranty as well, making a Titan Garage Flooring Solutions garage flooring solution not only an investment in your home and business but an investment in the future residents and owners of Franklin as well.

Garage Floor Coating Franklin TN

Titan Garage Flooring Solutions garage flooring offers many customizable options in terms of the color and texture of your finished flooring solution. After they buff out the chips and repair the cracks in your floor, they prepare the surface of the garage floor through a proprietary process that involves sanding the foundation, preparing the floor with a polyurea base, adding full broadcast chips, and sealing the floor with a non-epoxy solution. This sealant solution is not only safer for you and your family than epoxy-based sealant solutions but for the entire area of Franklin and the surrounding TN environment as well.

The chips that go on after the base solution can be customized for color and texture and include many varieties, including gunflint, domino, autumn, garnet, gravel, and creekbed.

Once the chips have been laid out evenly over the floor, Titan Garage Flooring Solutions applies a solution that catalyzes the chips and hardens the floor into the set colors of a smooth, even surface that is chip and crack resistant. This sealant retains the accents of the customized color pattern beneath while remaining completely toxin-free compared to its epoxy alternatives.

This patented process at Titan Garage Flooring Solutions allows them to finish your floor in 6 hours and have it ready for you to furnish within a day. Other curing processes can take 3-5 days, or longer depending on the heat and humidity, which affects epoxy-based coatings much more adversely.

Garage Floor Coating Company Franklin TN

For your garage flooring needs in Franklin, Titan Garage Flooring Solutions offers an oil and slip-resistant alternative solution to epoxy that’s a perfect match for many of the industries and residential areas of Franklin. Titan Garage Flooring Solutions supports any surface profile you need covered since it uses an adaptive hybrid polyuria surface solution rather than epoxy.

This means that a variety of terrains and concrete profiles can handle this coating solution without changing the fundamental shape of your floor. Titan Garage Flooring Solutions floors are designed with a proprietary polyaspartic ester designed specifically for concrete and can be used not only in residential and corporate garages but also on railcars, water tanks, and other complex industrial applications as well.

You don’t have to let your garage flooring installation bankrupt you either. Titan Garage Flooring Solutions offers promotional financing options to the Franklin area. Synchrony Bank offers this financing through Titan Garage Flooring Solutions to offer your budget a helping hand when installing your new garage floor.

The simple application process and online customer service can help you choose the right plan with the right financing to get your garage floor installed without breaking the bank. They offer plans with no monthly interest if you pay off the installation within 18 months and other plans with an estimated payoff period of 37 to 132 months depending on your financial situation.

These financial solutions make Titan Garage Flooring Solutions an easy choice to make for alternative garage flooring options in the Franklin area.

Garage Floor Epoxy Franklin TN

Titan Garage Flooring Solutions’s flooring process uses a proprietary solution to apply your flooring quickly and effectively to a variety of surfaces and in a wide range of climate conditions. Conversely, epoxy-based solutions are not only more limited and time-consuming, they are also considerably more dangerous. By installing a non-toxic alternative, you are not only saving yourself time but you’re encouraging more eco-friendly solutions as well. Future residents of Franklin will thank you for choosing a better flooring solution.

The first problem with epoxy-based solutions is the variable environmental conditions, not only on the day of installation but in terms of TN’s year-round weather changes. Epoxy is only suitable for certain concrete profiles in certain conditions, whereas Titan Garage Flooring Solutions’s hybrid polyurea surface solution is ideal for a larger variety of flooring and environments. Variations in temperature and the effects of weathering on outdoor installations can wear away at epoxy.

Not only is epoxy less durable, it also takes longer to install. Compared to Titan Garage Flooring Solutions’s 24-hour turnaround on your new floor, epoxy-based solutions can take 72-96 hours to finish, meaning you’ll be out of commission for more than half a week. For some commercial installations, this is simply an unacceptable amount of downtime that adversely affects productivity.

In addition to its timely installation procedures, epoxy is also much worse for the Franklin environment than Titan Garage Flooring Solutions’s proprietary sealant. The gross smell that emanates from epoxy solutions comes from volatile compounds that affect the environment in ways that make it incompatible with restaurants and food processing plants. If that’s the case, if the USDA has not approved or regulated epoxy coatings, why would you put it within arm’s reach of little hands in your home?

With all these downsides, you may be wondering why anyone would install epoxy in the first place. The answer is that it seems to be a cheaper solution to many of the proprietary alternatives. However, this short-term cheapness isn’t backed up by a long-term economic solution.

Those variable weather conditions we mentioned, including warping from heat and cold, will affect epoxy after a while. Your smooth floor will begin to peel and crack and you’ll be stuck with a nasty choice. You can either live with ugly, tattering floors (which may be unacceptable in some commercial installations) or you can pay again to have it removed and replaced.

Titan Garage Flooring Solutions doesn’t just believe in doing floors well: we believe in doing them only once. That’s what makes Titan Garage Flooring Solutions not only the safest, most eco-friendly, most efficient, and most effective flooring solution in TN, but also the most cost-effective. You just have to see its patented process and proprietary sealing solutions for their role in the long-term sustainability of your house or business’s infrastructure to know the difference.

Commercial Flooring Franklin TN

Titan Garage Flooring Solutions flooring is a versatile alternative to other solutions that is fit for much more than residential flooring installations. They service not only garages but hospital and food processing installations that epoxy-based solutions are not approved to handle. Titan Garage Flooring Solutions floors are perfect for venues, museums, retail spaces, school playgrounds, storage facilities, and even for places of worship.

Your Titan Garage Flooring Solutions floors will be strong enough to withstand the demands of industrial warehouse traffic while remaining pristine enough to shoulder the feet of your congregation or the little shoes of your school’s play areas.

The safe alternative to epoxy’s chemical compounds should make you breathe a sigh of relief that you don’t have to worry about fumes in your retail space or home garage. Whether outside or inside, in places that process food or could potentially come into contact with children, Titan Garage Flooring Solutions floors provide an effective and efficient solution to your flooring needs.

For flooring services in the Franklin area or surrounding TN cities, call (615) 649 7900 to get a quote, find out what promotional financing options could be available to you, and start getting your new flooring solution installed today. Remember, Titan Garage Flooring Solutions floors are not only safe: they go down in less than a day. You’ll hardly even know they were there (that is, until you see your new floor). 

Franklin, Tennessee, United States