Is it time to say goodbye to a rotting concrete garage floor? If you’re looking to upgrade your garage flooring, you’ll want to ensure you get something that’s durable and will last you a lifetime. Though concrete flooring is a good and standard option for garages, it’s not always the best optimal floor efficiency solution. Investing in a garage floor covering can most definitely pay off in the long run.

During your search for the right garage floor coating, you’ll come across options such as epoxy. However, a newer and more advanced option is a polyurea and polyaspartic mix. Both options offer attractive coatings with crucial differences. However, having a garage coating, in general, is an integral part of maintaining your garage.

Keep reading to find out the importance of investing in garage floor coatings and how the application process works.

Importance of Garage Floor Coating

If you’ve been meaning to get a coating for your garage flooring but haven’t gotten around to it yet, then you may want to read our list of benefits to motivate you. A long-lasting coating can give you a nicer looking garage, safety, and durability for years to come. A few reasons to consider adding a garage floor coating to your garage are:

Application Process For Polyurea Polyaspartic Flooring

Polyurea polyaspartic hybrid is a flooring system that, apart from all its extensive benefits, comes in attractive, customizable options in terms of color and texture as a finished flooring solution.

The application process for polyurea polyaspartic flooring can only be done by a knowledgeable professional, given it consists of a mixture of two-component products. When these two parts are mixed, they are fast to cure, producing a no volatile organic compound mixture. Given it catalyzes and hardens fast, special equipment is required.

The process is as follows:

  1. Chips and cracks on the concrete surface of the garage are polished and repaired.
  2. The surface is treated through a proprietary process that involves sanding the foundation and preparing the floor with the base.
  3. Broadcast chips are added.
  4. The floor is sealed with a high-quality sealant that dries and can be used in 24 hours.

Once the base solution has been applied over the concrete floor, spreading on the chips is the next step. This is where the customizations come in; you can choose various colors and textures such as gunflint, domino, autumn, garnet, gravel, and creekbed.

Once the texturized chips have been applied evenly, a solution is then laid out to catalyze them and harden the floor into the set colors. The results are miraculous and will give you a smooth, even, chip, and crack-resistant finish.

Invest in High-Quality Garage Coating in Atlanta

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