Whether you’re thinking of renovating your patio, basement, or garage, you’ll need somewhere to start. Flooring without any color or coating can look dull and unpleasant to the eye. However, you can start from the ground up and transform your stained, cracked concrete floor into something you’ll love to see every day.

Covering ugly concrete with a light, reflective color is the perfect way to revamp a drab, dusty space. The internet is endless with DIY options and materials to coat concrete, but all those options can get overwhelming and confusing. We’ve narrowed it down to help you navigate the options that might work best for you.

Types of Coatings

While the options may seem endless, here are a few options to carefully consider and decide on based on budgets and needs.

Paint (Acrylic Latex & 1-Part Epoxy Paint)

If you’re looking for a DIY floor coating on a budget, using traditional acrylic latex paint on your concrete floor can be a simple, no-fuss option. However, don’t expect durability or high quality from this product, but it will do the job of keeping your garage and basement floor dust-free. The second type of floor paint more commonly used on concrete is one part epoxy paint.

This is your basic latex paint with a small amount of epoxy mixed in, creating a stronger bond that adheres to surfaces better than traditional floor paint. This one is slightly more expensive but lasts longer and boasts better waterproofing power.

Epoxy Coatings

Not to be confused with latex floor paint or 1-part epoxy paint, an epoxy coating is a two-part system that cures instead of dries. Two-component materials – epoxy resin and polyamine hardener – combine in a chemical reaction to create a more robust, thicker material than paint.

Epoxy flooring in Atlanta, GA, is a popular and standard concrete floor covering various indoor and outdoor spaces. They are more durable than floor paints, water-resistant, chemical and stain-resistant, anti-dusting, and create a non-slip surface.

However, the installation time is longer, taking multiple days to cure. It’s not a UV stable option, lingers odor as it cures, and requires warmer temperatures to cure fully.

Polyurea Concrete Coatings

As an alternative to epoxy, polyurea concrete coatings have created quite a buzz in the last several years because of their fast-curing, flexible, incredibly durable, and non-fading qualities.

You can cover virtually any high-traffic surface with these industrial-strength coatings – from garages, patio, basements, driveways, offices, schools, restaurants, and factory floors. Not to mention, polyurea is also 100 percent UV stable, so it never fades or yellows and doesn’t become so hot that it peels or delaminates.

The Best Pick? A Titan Floor

While all options can be good in their own way, it’s always important to prioritize quality, as it pays off in the long run. Our top pick is the polyurea concrete floor coatings as it offers the most benefits and durability. Polyurea vs. epoxy garage floor means a difference in quality and a long-term investment.

Titan Garage Flooring Solutions provides Atlanta with the best, longest-lasting concrete floor coatings and offers various benefits such as:

Titan floors are ideal for so many residential and commercial applications. They add durability, traction, chemical and spill protection, heat and cold resistance, and much more. Some common uses are:

Invest In Your Floors Today

At Titan Garage Flooring Solution, our system is much more durable than other coatings; it doesn’t chip, crack, or peel and has a fast curing time. You can choose from a wide range of finishing options, including full broadcast selections that can make surfaces look like natural stones and over 150 color options to choose from.

With a Titan floor, you can increase the aesthetic of any concrete floor and surface instantly.