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People looking for options for their garage can choose between rubber floor covering, which is made of synthetic materials, or natural tree rubber. Polyurea is made of flexible, synthetic material which can be used for different products and purposes. 

Rubber comes in different types, which means that the pros and cons of rubber cover will mainly depend on the type of rubber you choose regarding your needs. On the other hand, polyurea provides a wide range of finishes, surfaces, and over 150 colors. Discover both types of coverings to make the right choice. 

3 Main Types Of Rubber

In order to choose a type of rubber, you will have to consider in what space you need the rubber cover, foot traffic, and the purpose of usage. Depending on your preferences, you will have to choose between these three main types of rubber: 

  • Mats: 

They come in different sizes but are meant to be used independently. The standard sizes are (3’x6’ to 4’x10’), and for larger spaces, they should be installed next to one another to cover the space entirely. 

  • Tiles: 

Its size varies from 12”x12”, 18”x”18”, and 36”x36” squares. They are installed with the help of puzzle-style interlocking edges. There are tiles for outdoor use that are thicker than indoor tiles.

  • Rolls: 

The most economical but the most challenging installation option because of their weight. The rolls can cover large areas from twenty to fifty feet long. These are mainly used in large industrial or workout areas. 

Pros and Cons of Rubber Flooring Mats 

The rubber mats are ideal for commercial establishments such as gyms and arenas. Find out quick pros and cons of this type of rubber: 


  • Design: Some mats can simulate the aspect of wood and ceramic tile.
  • Resistance: These also ideal for gyms and playrooms due to slip resistance.  


  • Harsh Chemical Damage: When cleaning, its chemicals can sometimes damage the entire surface, even with detergent.  
  • Price: The best quality rubber mats are expensive. Sometimes, you do not need all the full size it comes in, and cutting it may turn out wrong. 
  • Smell: The distinct smell of rubber flooring can disappear with time and get an undesirable smell, especially in places where people exercise. 

Pros And Cons of Rubber Flooring Tiles 

This type of rubber cover is installed like puzzle pieces. Its pros and cons are: 


  • Easy replacement Method: They have a slight weight and are easy to remove and reinstall if damaged. 
  • No adhesive is required. 


  • Time-consuming: The installation requires time due to the number of pieces you have to perfectly connect to get a good result. 
  • Gaps on the floor: The floor may look seamless because people move it when walking or adhesive. 
  • Water on the subfloor: Due to the gaps, the seam can let water flow to the subfloor, which creates chaotic environments, and the replacement of tiles is necessary to clean. 
  • Untextured rubber tiles: These can become slippery when they are wet. 
  • Smell: The good smell lasts the first few months. 

Pros And Cons of Rubber Flooring Rolls 

These are a cheap option. Nonetheless, there is always a con side to economic prices. Find out which are the pros and cons: 


  • Affordable Price
  • Seamless Appearance
  • Water-Resistant 


  • Complicated installation: The rolls are usually heavy, and professional installation is needed. 
  • Odor: It tends to go away with time, but a lousy odor appears in the first months. 
  • Fire: The adhesives that are needed in the installation are dangerous when being in contact with fire. 
  • Sunlight: Not UV-stable, which means these rolls need to be away from sunny areas. 

Pros and Cons of Polyurea Floor Coating 

Polyurea can be used in residential and commercial applications and is categorized as the most durable option for floor coverings. Read more about its pros and cons. 


  • UV-resistant: It is a floor coating with high tolerance to heat, along with UV-resistant, which means it can be exposed to severe weather conditions, and you will not have to worry about discoloration. 
  • Highly resistant: This type of floor option is resistant to scratch, chemical substances, and abrasion. It makes you feel released and comfortable in your daily activities. 
  • Waterproof: Do not worry when spilling liquids on your floor. 
  • Impact-resistant: Due to its flexibility, it won’t crack or peel. 
  • Easy installation: On five easy steps, all your floor is ready to use. 
  • Grit textures available 
  • Not Volatile organic compounds
  • More than 150 colors options 
  • A most innovative type of floor 


  • Not DIY friendly 
  • Higher cost 

Titan Garage Flooring Solutions Has The Best Option for You! 

We are located in Atlanta and all of Great Atlanta, and if you are looking for a cover option for your floor, do not worry; we´ve got you covered. Instead of trying to figure out which type of rubber to choose, we offer polyurea floor coating! In addition, we provide a fair price and a lifetime transferable warranty. 

Polyurea surface solution is ideal for a wider variety of flooring environments. It is durable. You will not have to worry about cracking, chipping, or peeling. And our floor can be used on residential and commercial floor applications.