Epoxy coatings are used for various purposes such as industrial manufacturing plants, composite materials, or automotive industries. This coating results from a chemical reaction made by a combination of polyamine hardener and epoxide resin.

It provides an easy and quick method application, and you can do it yourself. Find out how you can do it and the possible risks to consider if you plan to choose this type of coating; also, find out polyurea, which is another option to consider that offers multiple significant benefits.

How to DIY your Epoxy Garage Floor

Concrete floors on garages, showrooms, and sunrooms usually have an epoxy coating. The following steps are a quick guide for you to install Epoxy on your flooring.

Essential Things To Consider Before Starting The Process

These are some essential things to have in mind and put into practice before deciding and starting the application of Epoxy by yourself.

Health Risks When Applying Epoxy to Your Floors By Yourself

The applicator of epoxy coating could suffer multiple illnesses and reactions due to the epoxy chemicals. Some potential reactions can be skin and eye irritation and respiratory problems like asthma symptoms or breathing difficulties due to nose, lungs, and throat irritation.

Prolonged exposure may cause horrific injuries such as fertility problems, miscarriage, congenital disabilities, or stillbirth. In addition, it is risky for pregnant women. Therefore, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is in charge of asking vendors to provide a safety data sheet on the epoxy products. Applicators should read it carefully.

Polyurea Coating

Even though polyurea cannot be installed by yourself, a professional company does all the necessary work. Its installation processes are fast, and in less than one day, you can see results. The most common processes for companies to install the cover are simple. Those are level and fill crack or chips on your concrete, then adhere the concrete and wait for it to be fully cured.

Its compounds are non-toxic, water-proof, UV, and impact resistant. Also, when choosing this type of floor coating, you can choose between the different colors and textures of your preferences. It guarantees you floors without discoloration, cracks, or peel appearance. It provides you benefits that you do not even know you need, and stress is out of the game.

Polyurea Coating: The Safest Solution!

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We offer residential and commercial fast services. We will be in charge of providing all the necessary services and not having to worry about anything. Your places will be ready in hours, and chemicals will not be risky at any point in the process. Also, polyurea stops corrosion from salt, oil, rust, sand, and other harsh chemicals that can be present in your spaces.