Stain on concrete flooring, top view background

Concrete is an alternative for carpets, wood, stone, linoleum, marble, or tile flooring. It is durable and easy to maintain. People tend to like this option due to the multiple colors and variety of textures in which it can be stained. Also, it can be smooth for a shiny look.

The majority of the places in your house can use concrete flooring, especially the entries, kitchen, bathroom, basement, or garage. The price will vary depending on the chosen design, size, and if you already have a concrete slab. It is essential to mention that concrete requires occasional resealing and special cleaning to avoid stains appearance.

Indoor And Outdoor Stain Removal

The indoor process for stain removal is uncomplicated because the cement is sealed. Doing stain removal for indoor spaces is less common due to the nonporous surfaces, which means they are more resistant to staining. However, dust, vacuum, and mop with the right products must prevent damage from grit or dirt.

Otherwise, outdoor stain cleaning in your concrete patio is challenging because they are set for more extended periods. It is recommendable to ask for the help of experts due to the equipment needed. You can clean the surface by yourself and then determine whether outside help is needed.

Before Cleaning, You Should Know:

There are two essential things to consider when deciding to clean the stains by yourself. First, do not rush and clean with different methods at the same time because you have to give time to the floor to fully dry each solvent. A combination of solvents puts your health at risk due to the toxic fumes from the mixture.

Second, ventilation is a must to protect your lungs from dust and irritants soaked into the cement. Asthmatic and allergic people should wear a respirator mask to protect themselves from possible adverse reactions.

Steps to Clean Stains From Your Concrete Floor

The steps to properly clean stains can be divided into three main points to ensure an excellent result on your floor:

First, remove the debris with a push broom, then spread a mixture of soda, water, and liquid dish soap to all the surfaces and let them dry. Second, sprinkle oxygenated bleach for lingering stains and then scrub the area, letting it work for 15 minutes. The third and last step is to rinse the surface and let it air dry.

Sometimes, the first step is enough to have clean concrete; however, if mold, moss, or mildew are still there, you will have to remove it. First, spray the moss stain with a mixture of vinegar and hot water. Second, scrub the area, and third, rinse and dry the area.

Oil leaks can leave stains on your concrete floor, but even though it is time-consuming, it is possible to clean it using elbow grease. First, soak up the grease by sprinkling the area with diatomaceous earth. Second, let it remain in place for 24 hours and constantly check if it is no longer needed. Third, add Pine-Sol in the area, scrub with a brush and let it dry.

Tips to Prevent Concrete Stains

It is challenging to prevent stains on the floor. However, it is better than letting them happen and getting worried about finding solutions to clean and overcome them. Find below some tips to prevent the cement stains propagation on your floor.

You should apply a sealant to your cement floor. It will keep the good looks and prevent the floor from getting stained. Some sealants last from 2 to 3 years, but they are expensive!

It is recommendable to use waterproof barriers between cement and things that stain on the cement floor.

During fall seasons, it is necessary to clean away leaves and other debris to avoid mold.

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