Empty Kitchen In Restaurant

Commercial kitchens require stringent safety and functionality. The flooring is critical to the day-to-day streamlining of the business. Staff will need a floor that provides them with a safe, functional, and hygienic environment. This means a floor that is slip-resistant and easy to clean. As a restaurant owner or manager, keeping your kitchen in the best shape possible will be a critical part of the efficiency and success of your business.

At Titan Garage Flooring Solutions, we offer a revolutionary polyurea blend for your commercial floor coating, which is an ideal solution to keep your Atlanta restaurant staff safe and protected. It will also make the cleaning process more accessible while keeping the environment clean.


Why Polyurea Is The Best Option

At Titan Garage Flooring Solutions, we provide Atlanta with the best, longest-lasting concrete floor coatings. We know how important it is to provide your restaurant staff with reliability and safety. Here are five reasons why polyurea is the best option for commercial kitchen flooring:

About Titan Garage Flooring Solutions

At Titan Garage Flooring Solutions, our system is much more durable than other coatings; it doesn’t chip, crack, or peel and has a fast curing time.

The application process starts with chips being laid out evenly over the floor. Titan Garage Flooring Solutions then applies a solution that will allow the chips to catalyze and harden the floor. The result will be a set of colors with a smooth and even surface that is chip and crack resistant.

The sealant retains the accents of the chosen color pattern underneath and remains completely toxin-free, an option that is not possible with epoxy flooring. This unique and efficient process at Titan Garage Flooring Solutions allows the team to finish a commercial kitchen floor in six hours, making it easy to put back appliances and furnishings.

The convenient and simple process offered by Titan Garage Flooring Solutions allows restaurants to get the new flooring they need without disrupting their day-to-day operations for an extended period. When choosing other finishings, the curing process can be much more tedious, taking up to five days of drying.

Get The Floor Coating You Need For Your Commercial Restaurant

When it comes to a restaurant, the flooring quality is critical to the day-to-day streamline of your business. Titan’s safe alternative to chemical compound-based floor coatings is a worry-free way to get the flooring you need. There’s no need to worry about any fumes or toxic ingredients being used in your commercial kitchen. Not to mention, Titan floors come with a convenient installation and fast curing time.

At Titan Garage Flooring Solutions, we are proud to offer a concrete flooring solution that is not just a temporary solution. Instead, it is a lifetime investment. Additionally, we offer to customize the flooring you choose with over 150 colors for commercial flooring.