Trying to figure out the best garage floor coating system for your garage and your budget isn’t always easy. With so many options, manufacturers, and commercial installers to choose from, it can be frustrating and somewhat overwhelming if you don’t know your options and how they work.

People drive in and out of their garage every day without thinking about what flooring will last the longest. Garage floors are what keep one of our most valuable assets safe from harm and away from elements. A garage floor is the only thing keeping corrosive materials from ruining cars and the garage’s foundational structure itself.

When it comes to garage floor coating, two options are polyurea polyaspartic hybrid and epoxy coating. Both options are floor coatings applied over concrete surfaces to ensure your floor’s protection, durability, resistance, and other qualities. They are good options for both residential and commercial entities. Both have their advantages but still differ in key characteristics.

Garage flooring should not only look nice but should also be durable and able to withstand repeated use. It should be easy to clean and resist oils and spills. Find out everything you need to know about choosing the best garage floor coating for you.

Paint / Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy coatings are generally the least expensive options for garage flooring. It includes paints and epoxy coatings and is a mixture between a resin and a hardening chemical.
Though epoxy is considered to be a valid option, it’s essential to know a few disadvantages of epoxy coating:

Polyurea Polyaspartic Hybrid Coating

Polyaspartic coating is a revolutionary and proprietary system made up of a hybrid of polyurea and polyaspartic. However, other coating options like epoxy and urethane were popular when an abrasion-resistant concrete was needed. However, polyaspartic outperforms them. Benefits of this flooring include:

Get Revolutionary Garage Flooring

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