Floor coating solutions for garages and residential applications have become very popular. This makes sense when you consider the wide variety of benefits that a floor coating can provide to your floors. 

From extreme durability to making your surfaces all-around safer, floor coating solutions such as epoxy and the newly popular and revolutionary polyurea have become the go-to solution for home and business owners alike.

For garage flooring applications, there’s simply no better choice than polyurea coating for garage floors. At Titan Garage Flooring Solutions, we offer our revolutionary proprietary Titan polyurea blend that gives you all the benefits of polyurea and much more!


A More Modern Solution

The floor coating industry has recently been flooded with advancements. One of the leading and most revolutionary is polyurea coatings, a widely popular alternative due to their heat resistance and chemicals while also boasting a very short installation time.

At Titan Garage Flooring Solutions, we care about your surfaces. That’s why we offer you only top-of-the-line garage floor coating products, such as our proprietary blend of polyurea products, which are made to boost the performance of surfaces that deal with stress related to heavy vehicle traffic.

Simpler, Quicker, and Healthier Installation

Our Titan blend is a whole lot quicker to install than its epoxy counterpart in terms of time. We guarantee that, within 6 hours, you’ll be walking in your garage, and, within 48 hours, you won’t even know we were there!

Not only does our product boast killer install times, but it’s also healthier for you! Epoxy floors release a lot more volatile organic compounds that, when present in small closed environments like a garage, can greatly damage your lungs!

The Titan Blend Difference

When it comes to garage floor coating solutions, there’s a lot of room for mistakes. You might go with an epoxy solution that might cost you a little bit less. Still, you’ll end up wasting lots of valuable time waiting for it to properly seal, and they always crack and peel a whole lot easier. 

When you choose our Titan polyurea blend, you get what you pay for: premium quality products with superior results all across the board! Our product lasts a lifetime, and it virtually requires no maintenance!

Top-Tier Garage Floor Coating Products

When it comes to protecting your garage floors, skimping on quality is a full-on no-no! Our polyurea blend is the highest quality option available for your surfaces. 

Suppose you want your garage floor coatings to last a lifetime and maintain a glossy, high-quality finish all year round. In that case, our Titan blend is the right choice for your needs! Contact us today and get a quote!