We have done so many amazing garages over the years that sometimes we forget to take a minute and admire how cool some of our customer spaces are. In this blog, we wanted to highlight a floor and custom garage we recently completed this December in our standard color of schist. Schist is one of those color combinations that looks like a premium blend when completed but is a part of our standard line. We think it’s one of the more underrated color options, and we wanted to share a few photos with you.

What makes “Schist” a great option is in the sunlight, there are clear metallic reflections of light. This makes the product look similar to natural stone, and we think it punches the look up. We tried our best to capture that metallic flake reflection, but sadly the camera just does not see what the eye does. We also love how white makes a space brighter and appear larger. Overall we loved how this floor turned out.

We want to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, and a Happy New Year. We can’t thank you all for your continued support of our small business!

Custom Garage Floor Transformation with a Porsche GT4 Inside Close up on Schist Custom Garage Flooring with Slatwall Close up on Schist Custom Garage Flooring Recently Completed Custom Schist Garage Flooring with Custom Garage Cabinets and Lighting Close up on Schist Custom Garage Flooring Close up on Schist Custom Garage Flooring