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Yes, we primarily finish garages, but there is so much more. Our floors are perfect for so many residential and commercial applications. They add durability, traction, chemical and spill protection, heat and cold resistance, and much more.



Because it’s a process, not a paint. We will just assume you don’t own a diamond polishing machine that costs $20,000, right? So you won’t prepare your surface, or make sure it’s not too hot, cold, or humid? That’s a big deal. There’s actual science behind doing this perfectly. That’s why we won’t sell you our products.

This is a five step process, where we blend prepare the floor, apply a polyurea base, add full broadcast chips, and then seal the top layer. 

We make sure your concrete is level, all the cracks and chips are filled, and the surface is prepared with our polyaspartic compound ready to adhere.

We offer a lifetime + 15 Year Transferable Warranty, which is transferable to the next owner of your home or business. So even if you move, your floor won’t. (Well, we hope you don’t move your floors with you.)

Most residential customers take less than one day, but some larger surfaces take longer. Here’s a good rule. If we install it on Monday, you can park you car on Wednesday.

Our floors stop corrosion from salt, sand, rust, oil, and most other harsh chemicals that are present in homes and businesses. Basically, if you have something on your floor that is capable of burning a hole through your Titan coating, you have a lot bigger problems than just your garage floor.

Durable & Appealing Concrete Floors

Our advanced system offers exceptional durability, outperforming standard coatings. Say goodbye to chipping, cracking, and peeling issues, thanks to our superior formula with quick curing capabilities. Within just 6 hours, you’ll be able to walk on your newly coated floors, and in only 24 hours, you can park your car or rearrange furnishings without any worries.

Choose from an extensive array of finishes, and an impressive selection of over 150 colors. With Titan’s revolutionary flooring solutions, elevate the visual appeal of any concrete floor and surface, transforming them into stunning works of art.

A Titan Floor For Any Home or Business

Our versatile flooring solutions cater perfectly to a wide range of residential and commercial applications. Offering exceptional durability, enhanced traction, protection against chemicals and spills, and resistance to both heat and cold, our floors are a top choice for various needs. Some of the popular applications include:

Experience the beauty, safety, and durability of Titan Floors in Tampa, Florida. This is a lifetime investment you won’t regret! We are confident you will be delighted with the results.

Garage Flooring & Concrete Coatings Tampa, Florida

Titan Flooring stands as the leading provider of cutting-edge garage flooring technology in Tampa, Florida, catering to both indoor and UV-resistant outdoor spaces with customizable textures. Our extensive range of garage flooring solutions is suitable for most all homes and businesses.

Rest assured, your garage floor will be ready for use within 24 hours, as we prioritize swift drying times. At Titan Flooring, we take pride in using non-toxic materials, avoiding epoxy, and ensuring meticulous installations for pristine floors in both residential and corporate garages.

Our services extend to a diverse array of installations, encompassing school playgrounds, food processing plants, retail office spaces, and even correctional facilities. We offer versatile flooring solutions with customizable features and budget-friendly payment plans to meet your specific requirements.

To kickstart the process, we ensure your garage is level and meticulously address all cracks and imperfections using our diamond grinder, which acts as an effective sander. This creates the ideal profile for our signature coating process, ensuring exceptional results.

Beyond garages, Titan Flooring is the perfect choice for restaurants, churches, retail depots, offices, and manufacturing firms in Tampa, thanks to our innovative alternative flooring solutions. You can obtain a quick and affordable quote today to get started on your flooring journey, tailored precisely to your needs.

Our floors boast an impressive range of customization options in terms of texture and color, while simultaneously standing strong against corrosion from rust, sand, and harsh chemicals that might infiltrate industrial or garage spaces. At Titan, we are committed to creating floors built to last a lifetime.

The installation process for a standard residential garage is efficiently completed in less than a day, accompanied by a generous lifetime + 15 Year Transferrable Warranty. This warranty extends to the next homeowner or business owner, making a Titan garage flooring solution a wise investment for your property and the future residents and owners of Tampa alike.



As a local and reputable garage flooring and concrete coating contractor serving Nashville, Atlanta, Tampa, and Dallas, we work hard to make your dream floors a reality. We offer same-day installation with floors you can walk on within 6 hours and park on within 24 hours! Our garage flooring solutions outlast your standard garage floor epoxy, and we back that up with our industry-leading lifetime + 15-year transferable warranty.

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