Schools, churches, hospitals, food processing, corrections, heavy industry, and more



Our floors are far less toxic than epoxy, and are graded for food processing facilities. You could serve a meal on them.


In less than 24 hours, your floors are ready for whatever you can throw at them.


We stand by our floors, giving the original homeowner a lifetime warranty plus a 15-year transferrable warranty against spills, chips, cracks, and anything you can throw at our floors.


Yes, we primarily finish garages, but there is so much more. Our floors are perfect for so many residential and commercial applications. They add durability, traction, chemical and spill protection, heat and cold resistance, and much more.



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Titan Garage Flooring Solutions Tampa

– 24 Hour Curing Time
– Superior Resistance to Hot Tires
– Safe For Kids & Pets
– Less-Toxic Than Epoxy Floors
– Customizable Colors
– Original Homeowner Lifetime Warranty + 15 Year Transferrable Warranty
– Affordable Prices
– Oil, Chemical & Acid protection


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Because it’s a process, not a paint. We will just assume you don’t own a diamond polishing machine that costs $20,000, right? So you won’t prepare your surface, or make sure it’s not too hot, cold, or humid? That’s a big deal. There’s actual science behind doing this perfectly. That’s why we won’t sell you our products.

This is a five step process, where we blend prepare the floor, apply a polyurea base, add full broadcast chips, and then seal the top layer. 

We make sure your concrete is level, all the cracks and chips are filled, and the surface is prepared with our polyaspartic compound ready to adhere.

We offer a lifetime warranty, which is transferable to the next owner of your home or business. So even if you move, your floor won’t. (Well, we hope you don’t move your floors with you.)

Most residential customers take less than one day, but some larger surfaces take longer. Here’s a good rule. If we install it on Monday, you can park you car on Wednesday.

Our floors stop corrosion from salt, sand, rust, oil, and most other harsh chemicals that are present in homes and businesses. Basically, if you have something on your floor that is capable of burning a hole through your Titan coating, you have a lot bigger problems than just your garage floor.

Durable & Safe Residential Flooring Solutions

Concrete floors are very resistant and perfect for high-traffic commercial spaces, but they might not look as appealing as other kinds of floors.

A great solution to increase the appeal of concrete floors is adding a coating. You’ll find different types of coatings on the market, including epoxy compounds; however, we guaranteed there’s nothing superior to the coating compound Titan Garage Flooring Solutions offers for concrete commercial flooring.

Our high-tech commercial flooring solutions have gained popularity in numerous commercial buildings such as schools, churches, hospitals, food processing, corrections, heavy industry, and more. With Titan floors, you get long-lasting and safe concrete surfaces, free of VOCs.

Titan Concrete Flooring Solutions Vs Epoxy Compounds

Titan Garage Flooring Solutions works with a proprietary polyaspartic and polyurea compound that is much more durable than epoxy. Some of the main differences between Titan concrete coating and epoxy coatings are:

  • Epoxy coating takes several days to cure, typically between 4 and 5 days, while polyaspartic takes 24 hours.
  • When epoxy resins get exposed to UV rays, they turn yellow, while polyaspartic never suffers a change of color.
  • Epoxy needs to be installed at temperatures of 55 degrees F on average, while polyaspartic can be applied in freezing temperatures.
  • Polyaspartic is much more flexible and resistant to corrosion than epoxy.
  • Our polyaspartic solution has zero VOC and is FDA approved for food preparation, while the epoxy isn’t. 

Improve The Look Of Your Commercial Floors

Our revolutionary product is guaranteed to last a lifetime; we have numerous finishes and over 150 colors available. Whether you want a concrete finishing look or coatings with full broadcast chips simulating natural stones like granite, Titan Garage Flooring Solutions has what you need.

The Team and Quality You Need

We have affordable options and have the technology, equipment, and trained staff to work fast and efficiently on your concrete floors and other surfaces. Now you can achieve great results, quality, and durability without compromising the health of the people using the spaces.

Get in contact with us and test the quality of our floors. We are sure you will be amazed by the results.