Do you see cracks in the bottom of your pool? Are you starting to panic? Well, take a deep breath and let us explain to you what can be causing this issue. Some common reasons why these cracks appear are improper engineering, soil issues, and poor craftsmanship. Not all damages can cause water leakage, but they often do, and you can lose more than 1/2 of water every 24 hours!

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Reasons Why There Are Cracks In Your Pool

Improper Engineering

Pools that are not correctly engineered or well-designed will, most likely, crack. One of the most common mistakes is when people fail to test the soil. The soil type is key since this will determine the design of a pool, so it needs to be stable and bearing. Improper designs around the pool area can also represent a huge issue.

Soil Issues

The soil beneath your pool is crucial since it will be in charge of supporting the pool structure. If the soil cannot do that, many issues can come along, such as cracks that can lead to water leaks. Poorly compacted soil will not be able to uphold your pool structure. For example, if the soil has a high clay content, it will cause trouble.

Poor Craftsmanship

The construction process of your pool is crucial since this will determine if it will hold up and if cracks will develop over time. Ignoring construction plans or taking shortcuts when building a pool will lead to many issues, such as cracking. Not keeping the concrete wet after it’s poured is a common mistake that can affect your pool’s state.

What Can Happen If You Have A Cracked Floor In Your Pool

Various issues can happen if your pool floor is cracked, but there are two that we need to highlight. The first one is the safety of your family. You don’t want to put your family at risk, right? The second reason is water leakage. If you have floor cracks in your pool, you can lose an insane amount of water from your pool every day, which is a waste of resources and money!

Get Help From Professionals in Atlanta, GA

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