Do you think that it’s about time to say goodbye to your concrete garage floor? Are you bored of that grayish tone? Concrete floors are a good and standard option for garages, but not always the best solution for optimum floor efficiency. Concrete floor garages suffer from continuous wear and tear for their constant parking use. This type of floor gets stains, tire tread marks, and eventually loses its shine. 

Polyurea polyaspartic hybrid is a flooring system that, apart from all its extensive benefits, comes in attractive, customizable options in terms of color and texture as a finished flooring solution. 

How Is Polyurea Polyaspartic Applied?

Only a knowledgeable staff can apply this type of flooring system since it consists of a mixture of two-component products. When these two parts are mixed, they quickly cure, producing a no volatile organic compound mixture. Since it catalyzes and hardens rapidly, special equipment is required. But what’s done first, and how?

  1. The certified staff polishes the chips and repairs the cracks on the concrete garage floor.
  2. The surface is treated through a proprietary process that involves sanding the foundation, preparing the floor with a polyurea base.
  3. Full broadcast chips are added.
  4. The floor is sealed with a non-epoxy solution (a sealant).

Color That’ll Add Up To Your Garage’s Appeal

Once the base solution has been applied over the concrete floor, spreading on the chips is the next step. These can be customized for color and texture and include many varieties, such as gunflint, domino, autumn, garnet, gravel, and creekbed. Once the texturized chips have been applied evenly, a solution is then laid out to catalyze them and harden the floor into the set colors. The result is a smooth, even, chip, and crack-resistant surface. 

There are flooring system companies that offer an incredible array of finishes, from flat colors to texturized patterns, increasing the aesthetic of your garage. Have lots of fun choosing your favorite color, adding up to your garage’s curb appeal. 

Titan Garage Flooring System’s Array Of Color Chips

At Titan Garage Flooring System, we deliver quality with our polyurea polyaspartic hybrid flooring solution. You’ll have an incredible array of finishes in colors and textures. We offer up to 150 different options for you to choose from. 

We service not only garages in commercial and residential entities, but hospitals, schools, offices, industries, restaurants, and all home areas as well. Our flooring solution will give you peace of mind, adding durability, traction, chemical and spill protection, heat, and cold resistance to your floor. 


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