Concrete flooring is a great way to improve your house or business. They’re made of durable material suitable for a great variety of spaces. They also provide a timeless elegance to any exterior or interior and are available in different colors. Therefore, their owners must know how to take care of and increase their lifespan. Here, we’ll discuss how you can do this.

Getting The Right Type Of Flooring

Different spaces serve different needs. Therefore, it’s important before installing a concrete floor to make sure it’s designed for where it will be used in mind. Serious flooring companies will offer you different types of options based on where you plan to install it, whether it’s commercial or residential garage flooring. For the location, coatings, etc., they will give you a great variety of choices with the best chance of suiting your needs.

Once you’ve chosen the type and style that’s right for you, it’s time to look at how well they meet your needs. Is this going to be a high-traffic area? Will there be certain chemicals spilled in it from time to time? 

It’s important to get an expert opinion to not pick something unsuitable for such conditions. They can also advise if applying any protective coating will help increase the floor’s lifespan or prevent damage caused by liquids, among other things.

Floor Installation

Before doing anything else, you should always check if the installed floor is well supported. The foundation must be solid and absolutely leveled to obtain a great-looking concrete floor. This will prevent cracks from appearing over time, which can also damage other areas of your home or business.

It’s important to properly install the concrete floor and choose a design that matches your needs. For example, you may want the floor to be smooth and polished for the modern touch your house or business requires. 

However, if you’re looking for a traditional finish, it may be a good idea to opt for an acid-etched concrete floor. Whichever style of finish you wish to achieve, remember that quality material is of great importance to keep your floors safe and damage-free.

Floor Coating

Even though most people don’t usually associate concrete with stains and spills on its surface, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t remain clean. Your concrete floors will have a protective layer against spills and stains with the right floor coating. While epoxy flooring is most commonly used, this material is toxic. Polyurea floor coating is the best choice for coating.

Polyurea floor coating will seal off your concrete floor from elements such as water, oil, dirt, or any other substance that can damage your floor. It’s highly durable and easy to apply. It can be mixed on-site and applied with great ease. Moreover, polyurea is a nontoxic floor coating and can be used in hospitals, food processing companies, and many other places other floor coatings can’t be used.

Regular Maintenance

It’s important to not only take care of your floor during its installation or by applying coatings but also by ensuring proper regular maintenance over time. A fast cleaning routine that involves using pH-neutral cleaners is what you should use daily to keep any dirt away from your concrete floors. Remember that even though it isn’t necessary to scrub hard on your floor, it’s always better to use non-abrasive cleaners.

It’s equally important to use the right type of cleaning equipment for your concrete floors, which can be vacuumed with gentle brushes or other types of specialized cleaners that won’t scratch the surface of the floor. Remember that not only are scratches unsightly, but they may expose the material beneath to potential danger as well.

All Your Flooring Solutions In One Place

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Our qualified team has the experience to promptly install a concrete floor that will last for ages. We offer a lifetime warranty on our floors, transferable to the next owner if you move out. Get in touch with us and receive a quote for the best concrete floors in town.


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