Many people are surprised when they find out how long a floor can last if they take proper care. However, this is not just an individual responsibility. It is the responsibility of both the person who installed the floor and anyone who has access to it in order to maintain it.

There are many different ways to take care of your floors so that they will last longer than expected! Here we share with you some ideas of where to start.

Where Is Your Floor Located?

First of all, think about the location of the floor you want to maintain, either it’s in your home, commercial area, etc.; this will impact the condition and durability of your flooring.

Garage: The flooring can crack and deteriorate, even if you don’t park any vehicles or other large equipment in your garage.

Outdoors: If you have outdoor concrete flooring on a porch, patio, sidewalk, or pool deck, it is most susceptible to the exterior elements. To reduce flooring repairs, you’ll need to choose the most durable and resistant option possible.

Basement flooring: This flooring is indoors, which is good news for you. Concrete floor coverings are more likely to last longer because they are less exposed.

Best Methods To Take Care Of Your Floor

Floors are always exposed to dust, dirt, or other contaminants, which is why it’s important to protect your flooring so that the surface remains intact. Here are some methods for taking care of them properly:

The easiest method to keep your floor clean and maintained is to sweep it free of dirt and debris. This step is extremely important to keep your floors looking shiny and new.

Sweep all the dirt, dust, or other contaminants that have accumulated into a pile before you start mopping later on. This should be done at least twice per week to prevent any other contaminants from settling into these small areas beneath the surface of your flooring.

If you have an oil stain on your floor, clean them as soon as possible to avoid further damage. The longer the oil stain is left to sit, the harder it will be for you to remove it.

To remove oil stains from a concrete floor, wipe them off with a rag or use kitty litter to absorb them. After that, you’ll need to mix up a solution of dishwashing liquid and water. You can also use other types of soap that have degreasing properties as an alternative.

Once the stain is gone, wash off all remaining residue from your concrete floor with clean water.

Consider applying a coating solution if you want to protect your concrete floor and make it easier to maintain. Epoxy and urethane are among the most popular abrasion-resistant concrete coatings. Polyaspartic, on the other hand, outperforms them all.

Temperate and time are among the most important advantages of a polyurea polyaspartic garage floor coating. A polyurea polyaspartic coating, unlike epoxy flooring, can be applied at temperatures as low as 30°F. If you live in colder weather, you won’t have to wait until spring or summer to cover your garage floor.

Furthermore, under certain circumstances, a polyurea polyaspartic coating system may be applied in just 1 day with a “return-to-use” the next day! This eliminates the days of waiting associated with epoxy.

If you need a flooring installation, make sure to get flooring that will last for a long time. Polyaspartic/polyurea compound doesn’t peel or crack, and it exponentially extends the life of all concrete surfaces.

Polyaspartic flooring is flexible, durable, and abrasion-resistant. A professional flooring company will know how to apply it properly to give you the best possible result and the best-looking floor. In addition, they can apply the coating quickly and with minimal disruption to your everyday activities.

Increase Your Floor’s Lifespan With Titan

Look no further than Titan Garage Flooring Solutions in Nashville, if you want to protect your floors and increase their lifespan. We offer a revolutionary and proprietary system made up of a hybrid of polyurea that is environmentally safe with the highest quality on the market today.

Our garage floor coatings are easy to clean and maintain while providing maximum durability. We offer advanced technology that ensures your concrete floor will not only be protected but also gives it an attractive appearance that will last a lifetime.


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