Floors are one of the most important elements of a residential and commercial property. Having the right flooring system in your property can bring along many benefits to your home or business. In some cases, floors are one important factor when it comes to real estate. Besides, it also complements your property’s whole look no matter what the business is.

When hiring a professional to handle your property’s concrete coating floor installation, it is necessary to hire a reliable and experienced company for such an investment to have the desired results and a top-quality flooring system for your property. 

Keep reading to learn more about some factors that make a concrete floor coating system one of the most important commercial or residential property aspects. 


The aesthetics of a garage floor coating, for example, provides an enhanced space in a residential or commercial property. Concrete floor coatings provide a clean and modern appeal to floors.


Durable and resistant floors are important as they can resist many chemical spills, heavyweight, and most importantly, some floors won’t crack when throwing things, which provides a safe environment to a property.


Long-lasting floors are a top priority for property owners because they won’t get damaged so easily. Long-lasting flooring systems can still retain their beautiful appearance after being exposed to many elements.


Clean and durable floors require much less maintenance than a regular flooring system. Also, the installation process of a durable concrete floor coating is less expensive than vinyl or wood flooring.

Environmentally Friendly

Durable concrete flooring can be made out of non-toxic materials in the process and also uses an existing concrete floor. So avoiding manufacture and installation of a new concrete floor generates less damage to the environment. 

Professional Floor Coating System in Tampa, FL

Titan Garage Flooring Solutions is an experienced concrete floor coating company that serves flooring installation and repair residential and commercial properties based in Tampa, FL, and all greater Tampa. Our professionalism and experience will ensure top-quality results on your next flooring installation. We service many kinds of applications. Whether you’re looking for garage flooring or processing plants for airport flooring, our experienced team is ready to assist you.

Our flooring solutions, unlike epoxy flooring in Tampa, Our materials and processes do care about your health and your property’s environment, so our Titan’s flooring is non-toxic and provides a safe flooring system. 


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