garage floor coating finishes

When considering floor covering options, most people tend to go with an epoxy covering as it’s one of the most commonly used in the industry. However, at Titan Garage Flooring Solutions, we offer a much more durable solution for your concrete floor covering needs.

Titan flooring, which is a hybrid of polyurea and polyaspartic, is ideal for residential and commercial applications. Our product is durable and successfully protects your floor against abrasion.


Why Choose Titan Flooring?

Besides giving your concrete floor a more appealing look, floor coatings can also add another level of protection to your commercial spaces. Our high-tech commercial flooring solutions have quickly become popular in several commercial buildings like churches, hospitals, schools, and many more.

When compared to epoxy floor covering, you’ll find that our Titan flooring is genuinely the best concrete coating on the market.

24-Hour Cure Time

Our Titan flooring allows you to walk on it within 6 hours of being applied. Then after 24 hours, you can place all furniture and elements back without worrying about cracks. Contrary to epoxy flooring, which can take up to 3-5 days to get fully cured.

Surface Versatility

Thanks to our hybrid solution, Titan flooring can be applied to several concrete profiles. This ensures your floors always look brand new.

No VOC’s

Protect the environment with our flooring, which is free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This also enables Titan flooring to be used indoors and in confined spaces such as basements and garages. Also, it’s USDA-approved for incidental food contact, which makes it safe for all audiences.

Made to Last a Lifetime

With Titan flooring, you can rest assured that you’re investing in the highest quality flooring. Our compound doesn’t crack or peel over time like other flooring types and can provide your floor protection for a lifetime.

Get the Best Concrete Coating On the Market

Titan Garage Floor Solutions has everything you need for your next industrial floor covering project. We have the technology, equipment, and experienced staff to efficiently take care of your concrete flooring needs.