When thinking about swimming pools and their installation process, people usually put aside the poolside or pool deck flooring. We get it; it’s probably more exciting to think about the tiles that the actual pool will be using and other factors that come into play when dealing with a pool installation.

Now, this doesn’t mean it’s right! Swimming pool sides or decks are as important as the pool itself since it’s a compliment not only to its looks but it can add functionality. At Titan Garage Flooring Solutions, we offer the best industrial floor coating for any poolside area!


Superior Materials

If you’re renovating or starting from scratch, choosing the best materials available is very important to ensure the best results possible in the long run. 

At Titan Garage Flooring Solutions, we offer a proprietary polyurea mix that offers superior durability to your surfaces. Our Titan polyurea blend does not peel or crack and requires virtually no maintenance! 

Quick Installation

Having a quick and easy installation is important for home and business owners who simply want to get things done!

Our proprietary Titan polyurea coating is the fastest-acting industrial and residential flooring solution available. We guarantee that, within 48 hours of installation, you won’t even remember we were there!

Slip-Free Experience

Pool sides and decks constantly battle with moisture since they’re adjacent to water. Some materials get very slippery under these conditions. That’s why the thing pool owners value the most when it comes to their poolside surfaces is slip resistance. 

Dealing with slippery surfaces robs you and your loved ones of having a fun and relaxing time by the pool, the little ones can’t roam around freely, and the elderly avoid pool days like the plague!

With our Titan polyurea coating solution, you can forget about those days! Our proprietary coating solution provides a safe, durable and slip-free environment so that the experience of being in your pool is fun and relaxing for the whole family!

Get the Best for Your Pool!

At Titan Garage Flooring Solutions, we’re the leading flooring installation Nashville company. We offer revolutionary poolside flooring services that will make slips and falls a thing of the past! Get the safest and most durable flooring available right now if you’re looking for a flooring installation in Nashville.