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It is no secret that polyurea floor coating is becoming more popular within different sectors and industries for its many benefits. But what exactly is polyurea if it is not epoxy? It is a type of elastomer substance obtained from combining reactive materials such as synthetic resin and isocyanate.

On the other hand, a polyaspartic floor coating is a kind of aliphatic polyurea. This coating makes the cure rate of polyurea significantly faster. The coating application can be used more traditionally with a prolonged pot life of approximately 6 to 120 minutes based on the formulation. Continue reading.

A More Durable and Resistant Floor Coating

This is the most recent advancement in coating technology because it is incredibly durable and 20 times stronger than many epoxy coatings. With Polyurea floor coatings, you can enjoy both advantages at the same time.

Polyurea coating is used in many different types of industries. They offer the ultimate protection to many coating needs. This type of floor coating is waterproof and highly resistant. That is why it is frequently used to resist abrasion and prevent corrosion.

A Great Coating for Your Floor

Polyurea coating has become the most favorite for many professional installers as an alternative to epoxy. It comes with the ability of short cure time. Within 6 hours, you will be able to walk, and within 24 hours, you can go ahead and park your car. The short cure time is one of the best traits that this type of coating can do for you.

Polyurea floor coating also offers outstanding properties with many more benefits, including:

Why Choose Polyurea Over Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy coating is a 2 step thermoset resin that cures slowly. It is best known for being used mainly in industrial areas such as warehouses. Many environmental factors, including temperature, moisture, and sunlight, can change the way this type of resin cures. Those factors not only affect the curing time but also can change the coating’s look.

Some of the issues that epoxy coating brings within are the following:

With that being said, even though polyurea is a 2 step resin as well, it is different from epoxy resin since it is four times stronger. Within these 2, polyurea coating is the best option for its numerous benefits. It is more durable, flexible, and impact-resistant than epoxy.

Because of that, flooring and garage companies are using this innovative product. Likewise, different sectors and industries recognize polyurea floor coating’s benefits.

Get The Best Coating for Your Floor

The demand for polyurea is increasing since this kind of coating system is replacing the alternative ones. If you wonder, “are polyaspartic floor coating installers near me?” at Titan Garage Flooring Solutions in Nashville, TN, we offer you this type of solution for residential and commercial spaces. Make your place look outstanding with the best services!


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