Choosing the best garage flooring Middle Tennessee has available can be especially difficult because they are all so great. At , our most popular flooring options are the colored flake floors. They come in a vast array of options that can be separated into 3 different types: Stone, Colored, and Natural looks. The difference between these types of floorings are mainly in the color they appear as though it should be noted that they are all of the highest quality no matter which color palette you choose.


Several popular options are made to look similar to different types of stone.  One of our more popular options for the stone look is Schist, which uses a lot of pale, light Grays. You can get a floor finishing that is meant to resemble the appearance of gravel and contains flakes that are anywhere from off-white to black with plenty of variety to ensure that it looks as nice as possible. You can also get options that look like minerals such as the garnet option which is a mix of tan and slate gray flakes.


We offer several different kinds of colored options. It is possible to get a floor finishing that uses flakes all of a single solid color. There is a massive amount of color options to choose from for this type so it is very likely that you will find something that suits your taste. If you prefer something closer to the natural look, then you can get a colored option that uses a variety of colored flakes such as the Denim or Domino options which are very popular. Both Denim and Domino use Gray, Black, White, and Tan flakes, but Denim is slightly lighter and also includes Blue flakes.


If neither of the previous options suits your needs then you will certainly be pleased with the natural colored options. These typically present in Tan and Orange options with a bit of Gray, Black, or White added in for contrast. They typically are made to resemble different seasons or materials. For instance, the Autumn option uses a lot of Tan, Salmon Pink, and Brick Red with small bits of Black or White mixed in to give it a light, natural feel. If you prefer a more vibrant option then you might be interested in Saddle which is a richer version of Autumn that uses a lot of deep Browns and Cream colors.

When to start?

No matter which option you decide on, once you’ve made your choice you should immediately contact at and ensure that you aren’t wasting a second more of your time. With how quickly the flooring can be done there’s no reason not to get started as soon as possible and make sure you have the nicest floor finishing for your garage that you can. We’re always open and excited to work with you to make your vision a reality, so don’t hold back and make sure to contact us today at .

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