When it comes to the concrete floor coating industry, we have two leading candidates in the market. Polyurea floor coatings and epoxy flooring. Although polyurea is becoming more popular each day and is considered one of the best options for concrete floor coatings, epoxy has been in the market for many years. All of a sudden is being somehow replaced.

Suppose you are considering these two candidates for your next concrete flooring project. In that case, there is much information you and any property owner must be aware of when choosing the best option to fit your flooring needs. Let’s dive in and discuss important aspects of these two great candidates in the concrete flooring industry and determine which one works the best for your property. 

Polyurea Coating

A polyurea floor coating is considered a very durable material used to coat garage floors and other flooring areas in a property. Polyurea is considered a type of elastomer that sets it apart from an epoxy coating. This concrete floor coat is rubbery and way more durable than most traditional coatings. 

A polyurea coating bonds with your concrete floor to create a barrier for protection against any scratches, moisture and weather temperatures, and many other factors that can damage your floors.

With a polyurea coating, you’ll be provided with many multiple and superior benefits for your floors and your property. Some of the benefits include:

24 Hour Curing Time

A polyurea flooring installation is an effective and efficient process. Its fast dry time exceeds every customer’s timelines. After the installation process, you can walk through your brand new flooring system in less than 6 hours and also throw at them anything you want.

Supports Multiple Surfaces

Polyurea floors can be applied to almost every concrete profile. It helps to maintain the feel without having to be a smooth glass floor. 

Safe For You, Your Family, And Business

Polyurea is an environmentally friendly concrete floor coating so that it can be installed even in confined spaces. Since there are no toxic compounds, you’ll not have to worry about putting your family in danger during and after the installation process. 

Made To Last

This concrete floor coating is made to last more than you can imagine. Polyurea uses a polyaspartic ester which makes the durability extend, especially when using concrete. Polyurea provides real floors made for real daily needs. 

Epoxy Coating

On the other hand, epoxy coating is the flip side of the coin. An epoxy concrete floor coating is composed of a polyamine hardener and epoxy resin. This combination provides a hard and glossy finish coating once installed. Over time this floor coating solution cracks and chips. That’s why it is not the ideal concrete coating solution anymore.

Unlike polyurea, there are many disadvantages that you can find and be provided if choosing an epoxy coating for your next flooring project. epoxy coating provides:

Long Cure Time

After an epoxy coating is installed, foot traffic can take place after 6 hours post-installation. Still, it takes up to 4 days to park a car or throw something heavy. 

Reduced Surface Profiles

An epoxy coating shouldn’t be applied to some concrete profiles. If applied to different profiles that may look ideal, weathering can occur. 


Although it is a more cost-effective solution than polyurea, over time, it can lead to costly repairs and floor replacement as it’s common that epoxy starts chipping and peeling.

Toxic Components

Epoxy floors are not USDA-rated for food facilities as they have toxic compounds. They provide a horrible smell caused by volatile organic compounds. However, epoxy is not considered an eco-friendly flooring solution. 

Which one Leads The Concrete Coating Market

A polyurea floor is a revolutionary system for concrete floor coatings. It is made from a hybrid of polyurea and polyaspartic. It can be installed in a wide range of commercial and residential properties. Polyurea leads the market as it is durable and provides multiple benefits other coatings don’t.

What Separates Polyurea From Epoxy

Some of the most relevant aspects that set polyurea coating apart from its competitors, such as epoxy, include:

Invest In High-Quality Flooring Solutions

As a property owner, you want to make sure that you are investing in long-lasting solutions when you invest. At Titan Garage Flooring Solutions, we are a professional and experienced polyurea floor coating company that knows how to provide the best concrete coating to every property.

Our team of experts is more than ready to assist your next concrete coating flooring project with the industry’s highest quality polyurea coating solutions. Don’t hesitate and learn more about our services.