Completed Custom Garage Floors

Concrete garage flooring can degrade over time, leaving you with uneven floors that may be a cause of concern for your safety. There are plenty of different types of garage flooring options to choose from. Polyurea and Polyaspartic are good choices for garage flooring, but which is the better contender?

Polyurea Floors

Polyurea floors are perfect for any climate because they’re more durable than epoxy and can handle fluctuations in temperature. They also have a longer-lasting effect, which means spending less time repairing your floors! Polyurea floors are made by combining resin and aromatic isocyanate. These floors are more resistant to UV damage or warping than basic epoxy floor coatings. Polyurea floors are great for climates with fluctuating weather or areas that are susceptible to plenty of UV exposure. Polyurea floors can last anywhere up to 15 years. However, when compared to polyaspartic floors they are not as strong or durable.  

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Polyaspartic Floors

Polyaspartic is a subset of polyurea floors. Polyaspartic is a durable, high-elastic material that won’t yellow or break down over time due to UV exposure. Its full name is polyaspartic aliphatic polyurea. The main difference is that polyaspartic is made using aliphatic isocyanate instead of aromatic isocyanate. Aliphatic isocyanate is mixed with resin to create a highly elastic material that is UV resistant. Because of this, polyaspartic can be used in a wider variety of climates because it won’t break down or warp easily. Polyaspartic floors can last up to 20 years depending on the amount of traffic they receive.  

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Titan’s Revolutionary System

Titan Flooring is committed to providing durable garage flooring that won’t crack or warp over time. We use a mixture of polyurea and polyaspartic materials for our product. Mixing polyaspartic with polyurea significantly extends the lifetime of our floors. Our Titan Flooring solution is tried and true. In 24 hours, your Titan floors will be fully cured and usable—you can even park your car on them.   

Our flooring lasts much longer than the simple polyurea or polyaspartic. We guarantee your Titan Floors will last a lifetime without cracking or warping. We’re so confident in our floors we have a lifetime warranty. With so many different finishes and colors to choose from, your floors will be looking their best for years to come. Call us today for a quote!