Airports are always busy with people rushing to and from their flights. With so many people walking around, the flooring can get damaged or worn out quickly. As an airport manager, you must keep your airport flooring regularly maintained. After all, you don’t want to risk someone tripping or getting injured because of defective flooring and facing a lawsuit.

At Titan Garage Flooring Solutions, we specialize in all types of floor coatings. Tampa locals can rely on us to provide them with the finest, most long-lasting concrete floor coatings available in the market. If you want to install a clean, safe, and lasting floor in your airport, we’ve got your back. Get in touch with the airport flooring experts today!


What is Floor Coating?

Floor coatings are a type of material for floors. Their primary purpose is to protect the surface from damage and make sure everything looks clean and new. There are many types of floor coating available with different features, so you have to consider your needs when choosing one.

There are many floor coating types, but in this particular case, we’re going to talk about polyurea floor coating, which is excellent for airports due to its highly resistant nature and long-lasting durability.

There are 2 Main Types of Floor Coating

Floor coating can be divided into two main categories: synthetic and epoxy. The first one is made of different materials like acrylic or urethane, while the second one comes in powder form, which you have to mix with water before applying it on your floor. Both types are durable, but they’re very different when it comes to application methods, so keep that in mind as well.

Advantages of Polyurea Floor Coating

Many people can benefit from this type of floor coating, but airports are the ones that need it the most. Here’s why:

We Offer Superior Airport Coating Solutions in Tampa, FL

No matter what type of floor coating you’re looking for, we got a solution for you. We know how vital flooring installation in airports is, and that’s why we not only offer the best epoxy flooring in Tampa but the best polyurea floorings as well. 

Next time you’re unsure who to call when it comes to flooring in Tampa, know that Titan Garage Flooring Solutions is there for you.