Do you own a food service business? If so, then it’s essential to pay attention to your flooring. Many people do not realize that floors for food services are different from other types of businesses. With so many people walking and spilling food, you’ll want a floor that looks good, is resistant, and most importantly, is easy to clean.

Titan Garage Flooring Solutions is a highly qualified company that serves residents within Tampa and the Greater Tampa area, providing the best floor coatings for residential and commercial properties. If your foodservice business’ floors need maintenance or the proper treatment, you know who to call.


What are Floor Coatings?

Floor coatings are the tough protective layer that goes over your flooring to help protect it from damage. The right floor coating will prevent accidents, spills, stains, and corrosion. It can be applied for floor repair or maintenance. Typical applications include garage floors, warehouses, food services, retail stores, and other commercial and industrial facilities.

We Install The Best Food Service Flooring in Tampa

Some flooring companies think that the best type of flooring for a restaurant, food court, or other food service is laminated floors and epoxy sealer coatings with an epoxy finish.

However, at Titan Garage Floor Solutions, our coating uses a proprietary polyaspartic solution that is non-toxic, meaning that it is USDA approved and graded for food processing facilities. It also dries significantly faster than epoxy coatings. Our floor coating also comes with a lifetime warranty; if there is anything that got through the coat, we’ll fix it up.

Why Is It Important To Have a Well-Maintained Floor?

There are a few advantages that come with properly maintaining your floor in the food service industry, such as:

We Provide the Best Food Service Flooring in Tampa

If you’re looking for the best flooring installation in Tampa, you can rely on us to help you out with that. No more wondering, “where can I find the best epoxy flooring in Tampa?”. Forget epoxy-based coatings; Titan Garage Floor Solutions provides a quick and efficient process. 

With our floor coating, you’ll be able to enjoy your floor just a few hours after the coating has been applied, saving you time and money.