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Our floor coating can last a lifetime! Don’t miss out on this chance to give your floors a renovation and enjoy the fresh look. Want durable and appealing floors? Titan Garage Flooring Solutions can make it real. Know more about our company and services; we can mesmerize you if you let us!


How The Flooring Installation Process Works

Our flooring installation process will, without a doubt, exceed your expectations. Our crew will polish the concrete surface to apply the compound with a special industrial machine.

We start with a polyurea base, add complete broadcast chips, and seal the top layer with our polyaspartic compound. Polyurea floors are a greater option than epoxy floors. Most surfaces cure in 24 hours, but bigger areas may take up to 48 hours. You’ll have long-lasting and attractive garage floors after it’s cured.

The Titan Coating

A Titan floor is a cutting-edge, proprietary technology of a polyurea and polyaspartic hybrid. We can utilize our high-tech solution for various concrete applications in both residential and commercial settings.

When an abrasion-resistant concrete coating was required, other coatings such as epoxy and urethane were preferred. Polyaspartic, on the other hand, outperforms them. Our coating is not only long-lasting and abrasion-resistant, but it also has several other advantages that other coatings lack. Our Titan coating can be used on multiple surfaces, it cures in 24hrs, and it’s not toxic!

Get The Greatest Flooring Installation Services Today

Looking for great garage flooring? Leave it to us. We’ll meet and exceed your expectations without hesitation. When you work with us, your floors get a lifetime warranty. We have customizable colors and affordable prices. Don’t let the opportunity to increase your home’s curb appeal by renovating the flooring slip away.

We’ve been in the industry for many years now, we know our community, and we’re glad to assist Nashville’s citizens. Contact Titan Garage Flooring Solutions to get more details about our services!