As an industrial warehouse owner, you should know that cracks and spills on your warehouse floor are a matter of concern. When the floor is not level, it can cause items to fall off. This can lead to water damage, which will make it difficult for the warehouse to function correctly.

It’s crucial that you take care of your flooring with regular repair or replacement; otherwise, you may end up with an unsafe working environment for employees and customers alike.

Titan Garage Flooring Solution has helped many companies solve this problem by providing high-quality flooring installation services in Tampa. If your warehouse’s floor has cracks or just needs a new look, let us know, and we’ll make it look like new. We proudly serve all residents in Tampa and the Greater Tampa area.


Professional Industrial Warehouse Flooring Installation, Replacement, and Repair

When it comes to floor installation, it’s best to leave it to the pros. A lousy installation could end up costing a lot more in the long run, causing bubbles, peeling, or cracks to form. 

Our process at Titan Garage Flooring Solutions in Tampa involves leveling and polishing the floor with a diamond grinder. Once we level the floor, we apply our patented and signature floor coating, which will leave your floor shiny, safe, and completely clean.

Aesthetics Meet Quality With Our Floor Coatings

Our floor coatings come in a wide variety of colors, so you can pick one that will make your warehouse fit your style. Aside from colors, our coating also protects your floors from rust, sand, salt, and other harsh chemicals.

Whether your current floor coating is cracking and you need repair or replacing, no problem—we can help you out as well. Our team works with the best equipment and is highly trained to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

Lifetime Warranty

Installation in a typical warehouse takes about one day and comes with a lifetime warranty. The following business or homeowner after you will still have access to this warranty, making our garage flooring solution an investment in your business and an investment in the future business owners Tampa as well.

Titan Garage Flooring Solutions—The Best Flooring in Tampa

Epoxy flooring in Tampais a common search. However, at Titan Garage Flooring Solutions, we pride ourselves in working with our signature coating, which is superior to epoxy coatings that other companies usually work with. Our solution not only dries faster than epoxy, but it’s also non-toxic to breathe and comes with a lifetime warranty.

When it comes to warehouse flooring in Tampa, working with Titan Garage Flooring Solutions is a no-brainer. Call us now and get your free estimate!