Construction worker in a family home living room that grind the concrete surface before applying epoxy flooring.Polyurethane and epoxy flooring.Concrete grinding.

If you’re asking yourself, “what’s the best garage floor covering?” you may be surprised to know that the most common floor covering options are not as good as they seem. When most people think about getting floor covering for their garage, they tend to choose the cheapest options.

While it may seem like the smart way to go at the moment, they may end up paying more than three times as much in repairs and replacements sooner than they expect.

When you think about getting new garage flooring, consider that it deals with a lot of weight and traction daily, so it needs the best protection. Titan Garage Flooring Solutions in Nashville, TN, offers you the best durable, high-performing, and cost-effective garage flooring.


The Most Common Garage Floor Covering Options

Floor coatings are applied to give your concrete surface a more durable finish and appearance. They’re usually affordable and low maintenance options to keep your garage protected for a while.

Floor Paint

Floor painting is ideal when your primary concern is your garage’s aesthetics. Concrete floor paint is a quick and affordable option to give your floor the new look it needs. This product can be made out of latex or oil, making it resistant to solvents and other materials. However, it would help if you kept in mind that paint tends to chip and wear off, as with all painting jobs.

Floor Epoxy

Epoxy flooring, which is applied like paint, creates a durable and long-lasting coating. However, this flooring type can emit toxic fumes, making it a terrible option for confined spaces. They’re also very slippery when wet.

Titan Flooring: Your Best Choice

Our high-tech Titan flooring is a hybrid of polyurea and polyaspartic and is ideal for residential or commercial applications. Aside from being durable and protecting your concrete floors from abrasion, they also provide benefits including:

We provide a wide range of finishes and over 150 color options. When you need garage flooring in Nashville, you can count on Titan Garage Flooring Solutions to provide you with the protection and durability your garage floor deserves.