Commercial buildings have excellent potential for maximizing a businesses growth and will see hundreds or thousands of people working in them every day. With such high numbers of people working in the space every day, it is essential to ensure that you are picking the right floor options that will hold up in the long term. To help you choose the best, we will look at three of the best floor solutions for different commercial needs and give you our personal favorite at the end.


The visual appeal of a tile floor leaves many businesses looking professional for years with a high level of durability and sophistication for the high-end commercial space. Tile has the ability to come in many fits and finishes with each application looking different than the last. You can choose to have a terrazzo style tile application which is a modern take on tile floors that allows for more customization and versatility with how you want a space to look. There is also the option of clay tiles that are often used in commercial kitchen spaces for its ability to hold up to the busy life of a kitchen floor. Tile is a great option, but the initial costs to get it installed are both expensive and time consuming. Each individual tile must be perfectly placed and aligned to get the professional look you are hoping for. 


Epoxy floors are a great option for commercial spaces that offers an affordable overall cost while maintaining a high level of durability for various needs. The versatility of where you can put an epoxy floor makes it great for buildings with concrete floors as the epoxy surface is designed to work with concrete and make it even stronger. Epoxy is often sed in vehicle storage facilities to protect the vehicles and also has uses in commercial spaces that are looking to maintain a clean and polished image. The best epoxy floors can make any building look professional, but it is very important to have it installed correctly to ensure its effectiveness. You can find out more about getting your commercial flooring in Nashville taken care of by reaching out to at for your best options.


Luxury vinyl tile, or LVT, is one of the newest and most popular options that has entered the commercial flooring market. The diversity of how you can make the finish look means it looks great in any space that people will be walking on frequently like stores or restaurants. The material can mimic tile and wood for a unique look that is incredibly durable. LVT is still being perfected and is not suited for every situation yet, so it could take time for it to develop fully.

The Best Floor

We believe that the best option for commercial flooring is an epoxy solution. With how easy it can be applied to concrete by professionals, the diversity and durability of the material means all types of commercial spaces can benefit from an epoxy solution.

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