Do you know how crucial the flooring is in a storage facility? People will want a good and safe place to place their precious belongings, but if your storage facility flooring isn’t in optimal conditions, people will doubt if they should store their things in your facility. It’s safe to say that cracked floors will not make people happy since it can compromise their item’s protection.

At Titan Garage Flooring Solutions, we offer you high-quality, durable materials that don’t crack, chip, or peel! We have the best floor coating in Atlanta with a fast curing time.  You can walk on your new floors in only 6 hours! We have various ranges and finishes, with over 150 colors to choose from.


3 Reasons Why Flooring Is Important In Storage Facilities


In any flooring installation, safety is key. Having a quality floor will ensure that your storage facility operations are efficient and run smoothly. When you have cracked, chipped, or uneven floors, it represents complications and risk for your employees and an obstacle for vehicles. This can lead to inefficiency and, worst of all, many accidents!

Differentiation Of Areas

If you have a huge storage facility, you need to have clear vehicle routes, pathways for workers, and areas for storage. If your floor markings have become worn because of frequent use, there are many risks. These routes and pathways must be visible. One way to prevent this is to have contrasting colors with floor coatings that can separate these areas.


If you have food products in your storage facility, your floor can’t have cracks or chips. If your floor has cracks or chips, it will accumulate bacteria and various forms of dirt, which is very unsanitary. Polyurea flooring is a great solution since it will not crack or chip and is easy to clean. 

Titan Garage Flooring Solutions Is Here To Save The Day

Now that you know why flooring installation is key in your storage facility, we can offer you solutions! At Titan Garage Flooring Solutions, we can help you! If you’re looking for an alternative for epoxy flooring in Atlanta, our amazing hybrid polyurea surface solution is a great choice! It’s good quality and durable material. With Titan Garage Flooring Solutions, you’ll always be safe.