Are you thinking about remodeling your garage? The best option to get started is by considering changing your floors. Floors are a primary factor and are the first things you noticed when entering a place or room.

Most garages have concrete flooring that sometimes might not provide the aesthetic you may want them to. Still, there are certainly many options you can choose to make them look clean, beautiful, and get the final result you want.

Homeowners looking to upgrade their garages should know about the different flooring types and the several options they have to do so.

Let’s begin by exploring two of the most popular floorings: tiles floor and floor coating. Let’s dive in and get into details about their characteristics and the benefits they can offer you.

Floor Coating

Floor coating gives an upgrade to floors. These types of floorings are often used for commercial and residential settings. The majority of layers result in a smooth, glossy finish that gives the illusion of luxurious floors.

A great feature about coating is that they are easy to customize; in other words, you can easily add designs and colors to it. They are resistant to heavy things, which makes it ideal for commercial and industrial settings. Likewise, they are protected against spills, leaks, and cracks.

Floor coatings are easy to clean and can last many years if they are given proper maintenance. One thing to highlight is that if your floor retains a lot of moisture, you have to make sure you apply the right flooring type. By doing so, you’ll avoid any undesired surprises or damages to the new floor.


Tire floors are connected tiles that can be extremely flexible or too rigid. People are attracted to the fact that they have various options from where they can choose with tiles. For instance, if you are looking to give your garage a luxurious appearance, then diamond plated tiles will accomplish that and fit your desire.

A significant advantage of tire floors is that they are easier to install, unlike floor coatings. Another positive aspect is that you can install tiles over low-quality concrete, something you cannot do with floor coatings. Homeowners must be aware that to have a successful installation and results, they have to make sure that there are no rocks or bumps on the floor.

Tiled floors are suitable for anything a homeowner is looking for. It doesn’t matter if they are looking for a more casual, vintage, or luxurious appearance. Tiles can provide any final result the homeowner expects due to the variety of textures and designs. Additionally, flexible tiles, due to their softness, can offer incredible impact resistance.

For homeowners who tend to move often or know that they will be moving soon, this is the perfect option. Tiles are less permanent than floor coatings; therefore, you will be able to do whatever you want with them whenever you move out.

Finally, let’s keep in mind that tiles can be a little more complicated to clean than a smooth surface. Likewise, homeowners that are interested in installing flexible tiles know that they can potentially expand within time.

Which One Is a Better Option?

Making the right decision can be overwhelming after reading all of this information. Still, in reality, everything comes down to what you want and the final product you are looking for in your garage. It also depends on the environment and energy you want your desired space to transmit to you, your family, or visitors.

For homeowners looking for a long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to clean floor, floor coatings are the best option for you. Installing a floor coating in your garage will transform it into a beautiful, smooth, and unique space. Floor coatings are the best garage floor finishing; therefore, you can guarantee that choosing a floor coating instead of tiles will make yours significantly different and better.

Titan Garage, Your Floor Coating Solution in Atlanta

At Titan Garage Flooring Solutions in Atlanta, we are here to help you accomplish your wishes. We offer garage floor coatings that, without a doubt, will last a lifetime.


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