Playgrounds have come a very long way from simple concrete parks with minimal to no scratch and fall protection and very rustic play equipment. Today’s school playgrounds feature safe and attractive environments for children to play without hurting themselves. 

One of the main advancements in school playgrounds is their flooring solutions. Nowadays, there are many options for a playground contractor like rubber crumb technology, which has surged, in companionship with polyurethane binders, as the premier solution for playground flooring. 

At Titan Garage Flooring Solutions, we offer the best flooring installation in Nashville due to our superior proprietary Titan polyurethane flooring solution blend! It offers a quick install, and long-lasting results, with very minimal maintenance!


The Right Time Is Now!

At the moment, the school year is at a halt. That means the flow of people using your floors is a lot less than it usually is. This is the perfect scenario for upgrading your playground floorings! 

But, why do it anyway? Well, it might surprise you, but old floors can become a health hazard for students and staff members alike! They’re more slippery, and they often boast cracks that can lead to falls as well.

Quick and Easy Installation

Our proprietary Titan coating blend is the quickest acting playground flooring solution available. Within six hours of our technicians leaving, you can start walking on your floors! 

Compared to epoxy solutions, this is a huge advantage when you consider that most businesses and schools can’t afford to take days off.

Long-Lasting Results

Our Titan coating blend not only offers you superior installation times but its results last a lifetime with very minimal maintenance!

Usually, when dealing with floor coating solutions, you’re expected to spend a lot of money on special cleaning equipment and frequent maintenance from costly professional services. With us, you can forget about that!

Get the Best Playground Flooring With Us!

At Titan Garage Flooring Solutions, we offer you the best playground flooring solutions while also providing superior customer service that will deliver satisfaction right at your doorstep! So, don’t wait any longer and work with the best!