Cooking or bartending are beautiful arts, but they involve many risks. If you have a bar or restaurant, you might know that your flooring plays a huge role in your facility. Many pointed objects, like many types of knives, and fire are involved when cooking or bartending. Also, many liquids can be spilled, which can make floors slippery. If your floor isn’t appropriate for this or is in bad condition, it can be a life hazard for everyone in the building!

That’s why at Titan Garage Flooring Solutions, we offer you food service flooring in Atlanta, GA. We make sure that you have the right floor that meets your needs and guarantees your safety. Our flooring service provides you with high-quality materials and professionals that can assist you with any questions or doubts you might have.


Cons Of Bad Flooring in Food Service Places

A bar or restaurant floor is exposed to several factors, such as hot oils, fats, natural food acids, and even blood! These substances can cause damage to your floor because of their corrosive nature. Also, these materials can contaminate and infiltrate uncoated concrete, resulting in uncontrolled bacteria, which goes against sanitary rules.

Most importantly, people are at risk of slipping off and have injuries, like broken bones. There’s also a great risk of spilling over hot liquids, which can cause major burns in a person’s body that will be painful and leave a permanent mark. Likewise, they can cut themselves with the various types of knives available in the room, which can cause deep wounds, and people can even lose a finger!

What Floor Is Right For You

Now that you’re clear of the awful consequences of having bad flooring in a food service facility, you might be asking yourself, what’s the kind of floor that I need? The answer is simple: polyurea flooring. A polyurea flooring system is a leading flooring system that’s fast-curing and fast-hardening. Installing this floor will prevent various accidents. For example, people serving food will not often slide, preventing food or drinks from spilling.

This type of floor can handle the impact of harmful agents like oils, liquids, and even chemicals! The best of all it’s that it doesn’t crack, stain, or peel.

Get A Quote On Polyurea Flooring

At Titan Garage Flooring Solutions, we offer you floor installation that can meet your needs. We provide you with professional assistance and quality materials to provide you with a great experience. We also provide you with the best floor coating service in Atlanta. If you need help installing your bar or restaurant floor, give us a call! We will gladly help you. And remember, safety always comes first!